Hermitage Cat Day in 2019

Every spring in St. Petersburg cats are honored living in the Hermitage. The Hermitage Cat Day holiday will also be held in 2019. The traditional day of the Hermitage, as affectionately and respectfully called cats by the museum staff, does not have a clear date, but usually takes place in one of the spring months - in April or May.

cat in the Hermitage hall

The first holiday "in honor of the purr" was held in 1998. It was called "The Day of the March Cat in the Hermitage". And since 2012, the holiday has been bearing the name used now: “Hermitage Cat Day”.

For two days, the Hermitage is given away for a real cat festival, which unfolds in the Grand Courtyard, the Winter Halls and ... cellars. After all, it is there that the guardians of the expositions live, the faithful guards of works of art - cats. The date of the holiday is “floating”, it is determined by the museum staff themselves. The date “Hermitage Cat Day” -2019 will be announced in advance in the media and social networks.

The program of the annual cat festival in general remains unchanged:

  • Mandatory procession of the orchestra.
  • An indispensable competition of children's drawings on the "cat" theme.
  • Active games in the Grand Yard for kids.
  • Excursion to the Hermitage cellars to get acquainted with the cats.
  • Distribution of Hermitage cats.

But each time there is an original notion of the organizers. For example, the theme of the drawing contest is new every year, even if it is connected with cats. And in 2017, during the holiday, for the first time, a picture of an unknown Japanese artist was presented to visitors, the general meaning of which fits into the phrase “That cat is bad, who does not dream of becoming a tiger”.

cat at the gates of the Hermitage

Participation in all events and visiting the "holy of holies" - the habitat of the museum koteky - completely free. But the baleen-tailed definitely will not object to gifts - any financial donation from the guests will go to purchase items needed for the cats. When traveling through the basement labyrinths of the Hermitage, you can not only admire the fluffy beauties, caress them and take a photo for memory, but also choose a pet for heart and soul. The distribution of the Hermitage cats in 2019 is scheduled just for the "professional" cat holiday.

The independent British press introduced the Hermitage cats to the list of the most amazing sights of the world.

Historical excursion

According to legend, the cat Basil, who was brought from Holland by Peter the Great, became the first tailed inhabitant of the Hermitage. After a while, Elizabeth Petrovna, in an attempt to get rid of bred rats and mice, ordered to bring cats to the court. And certainly from Kazan, there just brought out a breed of especially large and strong animals.

Traveled through half the country Kazan cats established themselves in the Winter Palace. And already Catherine the Second awarded the museum cats the official status of guards. And the whole cat guard was divided into two classes: the courtyard and room. The most calm and educated were allowed into the rooms, while the mischievous were rushing around the yard.

Lunch of the Hermitage cats

In the entire history of the cats left the Hermitage only twice. The first - during the war. After the blockade was lifted, the city was flooded with hordes of rats. Across the country, caught cats and shipped to Leningrad. Some of them settled in the Hermitage.

A curious detail: most of the baleen-tailed museum dwellers turned out to be a strict black and white color, as if they even tried to match the appearance of the cultural capital of the country.

The second time happened two decades later.In the 1960s, too many cats divorced the Hermitage Museum, it was decided to rid the museum of them, and to use chemicals against mice and rats. But the initiative was a failure - the drugs did not justify themselves. The tailed guards were returned to the Hermitage, where they continue to perform faithful service to this day.

The daily life of the Hermitage cats

Previously, museum visitors were allowed to wander through all the halls of the Hermitage; more than once, visitors could see a sleeping cat at the foot of a sculpture. But at the end of the 90s of the last century, freedom of movement was limited - the installed electronics instantly reacted to penetration and announced the museum with an unpleasant serene. The more valuable is the current opportunity to go down to the basements in order to get closer to the cats.

Despite the fact that now cats are set aside for “life and service” only basements, according to rumors, often at night they go upstairs to admire works of art.

cat in the Hermitage hall

Hermitage cats are not “unmercenary”, every four-felled owns:

  1. Individual bowl for eating and drinking.
  2. Personal bed for comfortable rest.
  3. Own tray.
  4. And, of course, toys!

In addition, each mustache-caudate has a document certifying the cat's “identity” and occupation.

The Directorate of the Hermitage has established the optimal number of cats in the museum - up to 50 copies. As soon as the excess occurs, employees distribute the seals in good hands with loving hearts. In the "professional" festival of museum cats, you can choose the cutest purr.

What awaits visitors to the Hermitage Cat Day in 2019 can only be guessed at. Dream and anticipate. But there is no doubt that the holiday will take place in an atmosphere of goodness and warmth.

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