Holidays in March

Holidays in March happen almost everyday. In this case, the state, when the rest of the country rests, is only one. The rest are professional holidays or even pagan, which are associated with the beginning and the coming of spring. After all, March is the first month of this magnificent season.

Public holidays in March in Russia

The main holiday of spring is March 8 - thisThe long-awaited and loved by all Women's Day. It is a good mood and a sea of ​​flowers. Men on this holiday try to become ideal, attentive, caring and incredibly affectionate with all women. They give them not only smiles, but flowers. And the women of March 8 are simply stunning and good-natured.

By this day all men are getting ready ahead of time: buy flowers (certainly spring), choose gifts and look for congratulations and toasts to their beloved women. And there was a holiday back in 1857, when women started fighting for rights and freedoms in New York. And only after more than 50 years, Clara Zetkin suggested organizing Women's Day not at one time, namely on March 8. After all, on this day, women entered the struggle for equality.

Professional Holidays in March

Many professionals celebrate in March. So, every second Sunday in this spring month celebrate the holiday geodesists and cartographers. This day is officially established by the President.

The roots of this professional holiday go awayin the time of Peter I. He back in 1720 (in March) signed a special decree, according to which cartographic surveys of the entire Russian Empire began.

March 10 throughout the country celebrate the holiday allemployees of archives. Again, he owes his existence to Peter I. He introduced archives in every authority. Accordingly, thanks to this emperor appeared and such a profession as the archivist.

Thus, numerous reforms carried out by PeterI, laid the foundation and the beginning of all kinds of services. This means that new professions have appeared. And already in our time there were also various professional days.

On this professional holidays in March do not end. The President of the Russian Federation established another solemn day by his Decree. Now, on March 11 of each year, employees of drug control are honored.

Immediately the next day, everyone celebratesemployees of the penitentiary system in Russia. The history of this celebration begins in 1879. It was then that Alexander III established a special prison department. The main objective of these professionals is to protect society from criminal principles.

The youngest structure of law enforcementbodies is the tax police. And the holiday of these specialists in Russia is celebrated annually on March 18. But the next day they celebrate the day of the submariners. This profession was singled out in the navy in 1906. At this time, Nicholas II included in it an entirely new kind of ships, which is a submarine.

In March, but on the 23rd day the day of the meteorologist is celebrated. These are people, through which we know about the upcoming cataclysms of nature and can assume what the weather expects us. The "start" of such a profession was given by Nicholas I.

Every year on March 25, all workers of culture,who create and store it, celebrate a professional holiday. Despite the fact that there is already a librarian's day in the calendar, the day of theaters, cinemas, museums, etc., in 2007 the Day of all workers of culture would still be approved.

At the very beginning of the 19th century, internalThe troops, which are still engaged in the protection of order and ensuring the strict security of the entire population. All employees of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs celebrate their day on March 27 in our country. March 29 marks the day of military lawyers.

Russian, pagan holidays in March

The first spring month celebrates the Slavonica pagan holiday called Magpies. It is celebrated on March 22, because it is timed to the solstice. This is a celebration that people from ancient times have met in the spring.

In the Orthodox Church it is the day of forty martyrs. Back in the 4th century, they preferred death instead of betraying their beliefs. Today Magpies are celebrated by many people. However, everyone does it their own way.

Holidays in March are replenished also on March 25,when everyone celebrates Komodets. On this day all the ancestors come to visit their distant descendants. It is a holiday that shows the resurrection of nature and earth. Otherwise Komodetsy is called the Bear holiday. The fact is that according to popular beliefs, on this day all the bears wake up in their den from sleep.

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