2017 year of the rooster

Home decor for the New Year 2017 do it yourself

Oleg Skrinnik
2017 year of the rooster

All inhabitants of our planet are preparing for the New Year - from small to large. This holiday brings with it a magical mood, a surge of strength and a sea of ​​positive emotions. In order to pass the day in an atmosphere of fun and love, it is advisable to prepare gifts for loved ones in advance and think over the menu.

Do not forget about decorating the apartment - it should be in the first place in the list of holiday activities, because from the bright glare emitted by balloons and tinsel, our enthusiasm increases several times. If you are tired of banal garlands, paper snowflakes and tinsel, we suggest you makenew year home decor 2017 do it yourself. Show a little imagination, and your apartment will be transformed beyond recognition.

Refinement in all details should be present in your decor, which is created to celebrate the coming year. Be sure to use red and orange tones. Thus, you cajole the symbol of 2017 - the Fire Rooster.

Christmas candles

candles as decor on NG 2017

2017 New Year's Decor Hand MadeSimple Christmas decor 2017 do it yourselfNew Year's decor how to makeMake your own Christmas decor

The dim light emitted by candles has always created an atmosphere of mystery and magic, so the use of candles in the decor is a profitable solution. Burning candles can be put on the festive table, shelves, cabinets and window sills.

It is best to use large items, decorating them with bright sequins, wrapping a beautiful shiny braid. Place the glowing decor in a neat glass bowl, and the refined decoration will be ready. Just put the candles out of the reach of children, so that they do not reach for the fire and do not burn.

Angels decoration

make decor

Beautiful New Year's decor handmadeNew Year's decor unusual ideasmaster class on making decordecor photo

Cute little angels will be a wonderful Christmas composition along with the rest of the toys hanging on the Christmas tree. They will bring joy and tenderness to your home, so be sure to note this idea of ​​decor. In addition to the figures of angels, you can draw toothpaste or a special paint for the windows silhouette of an angel on the window.

Use a stencil or template and your windows will change drastically. Another wonderful decoration of the room or glass vytynanki are. Highlight a few pre-holiday evenings and make the whole family beautiful angels,which you can then attach to the window or hang on the chandelier.

Using branches

decor how to make

New Year's Decor 2017 interesting ideascreative decor on NG 2017decor interesting ideas 2017step by step instructions for making decor

In addition to a lively Christmas tree, the house can be decorated with dry twigs. This does not mean that you just need to put the branches in a vase - they should be decorated with shiny beads, rhinestones, glass beads. You can wrap a branch in a glowing garland and then in the evenings it will be flooded with bright playful light. This original decor perfectly combines with tinsel and small balls.

Christmas wreaths

New Year's decor 2017

New Year's decor 2017 do it yourself photoNew Year's Decor 2017 best ideashow to make your own decor for the new yearNew Year's decor how to do it yourself

Russians have long adopted the style of Europeans to decorate their homes with colorful wreaths on Christmas Eve. They hang such decorative elements not only on the door, but also on the fireplace. You will be able to make this wreath from different materials at hand (it is not necessary to use only Christmas-tree branches).

Take balls, buttons, bright satin ribbons and make a New Year's wreath from them. Believe me, handmade jewelry will bring more pleasure than shopping.

“Tasty” decoration

New Year's decor 2017 do it yourself

New Year's decor how to make yourselfNew Year's decor master classcool new year decor 2017 do it yourselfNew Year's decor handmade photo

An excellent decor for a Christmas tree, a table and a fireplace can be gingerbread cookies. Bake a mountain of cockerels, Christmas trees, stars, snowmen and balls, decorate with colored glaze.Pass the rope and in front of you is a ready-made decoration that you can eat after the holiday. Now there is a mass of New Year's ideas - the main thing is to show a little wit and perseverance.

Another popular attribute of the New Year's celebration is the gingerbread house. Before the New Year, skilful housewives bake individual parts of an “edible” home, and then glue it with sweet glaze. You can paint the house completely at your discretion.

It is desirable to connect children to this activity - a fascinating drawing process will allow children to create original and memorable decorations. Such decor will be stored for a long time, while not losing its taste.

New Year's card garland

New Year's decor pictures

decor for the new year 2017 simpleNew Year's decor photoNew Year's decor interior decorationNew Year's decor of twigs and twigs

For this decor, you can use the old cards that have ever been presented to you by friends and relatives. With the help of thick twine, you can make the silhouette of a Christmas tree and postcards on it. On New Year's Eve, after the toasts said, it will be nice to open some postcard and read the wishes left on it.

Also here are suitable and new postcards on which you write your words of thanks to all those present,leave a short note for 2017. Believe me, this original greeting will not be forgotten for many more years.

Satin entourage

DIY fabric decor

To create a decor with their own hands, needlewomen always have on hand bright satin ribbons. They help give a festive look to seemingly ordinary things. For example, decorate glasses for champagne or wine with a beautiful multicolored braid, and you will notice how the guests will admire. In addition to glasses, you can wrap taped bottles of wine, decanters and crystal vases.

Felt decor

step by step making decor

Use cute Christmas trees made of soft felt to impress those present with your talents. It is not necessary to be a skilled craftsman. It is enough to show a little perseverance and a desire to make your home even more beautiful. Sew three-dimensional triangle of green fabric, decorate them with bright beads, rhinestones, sequins and ribbons - your New Year's decoration is ready!

Christmas tree garland

New Year's decor

For those who are already tired of old garlands, and want something new, we suggest to pay attention to this idea. You will need a fabric of different colors and thick braid. Cut on the cardboard pattern of Christmas trees in two pieces. Sew them together.

You can give the trees a volume by stuffing in a little padding polyester. As soon as you make enough New Year trees, you can sew them on the braid. Hang the finished decoration on the wall or window.

Pasta Toys

New Year's pasta decor

In order for you to have a beautiful Christmas decoration, just look in the cabinet with cereals. Surely, there were a few noodles, “cones” and other fancy pasta lying around. You will not believe it, but you can also make a bright New Year's toy from them, which will then go to the Christmas tree.

Use a glue gun to glue individual parts. A thin ribbon must be attached at the top of the product. Spray paints of different colors will help to give your craftwork a festive look and originality.

Ice Fantasy

How to make a New Year's decor for a gift

This decoration is especially useful for those who live in their own home. For its manufacture you will need seashells, twigs, openwork napkins, pebbles. Here you can indulge in fantasy and their preferences. Connect the children to this process and ask them about what they would like to make an ice circle. As soon as the necessary material is collected, proceed to the creation.

Pour into a small enameled bowl of water, throw all the details of the decor there, lower the loop (with it you will hang the decoration on the branch) and bring the dish to frost. You can put in the freezer. To get a frozen decoration from a plate, pour some hot water into it. This original craft will be a worthy decoration of the yard for the New Year 2017.

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