Horoscope Compatibility 2018 Zodiac Signs

In the year of the Yellow Earth Dog there will be many events that will affect the relationship between people. In order to preserve harmonious connections between representatives of different astrological sectors, it is useful to read the horoscope of compatibility 2018 zodiac signs. It can solve many problems of interpersonal communication and prevent possible conflicts.


The compatibility issue really interests many people. This applies to both work and personal life. But if in the production sphere the specialists deal with the problem of compatibility, then in family life all the difficulties of living together have to be solved by all of us - personally. Not only the family, as such, but the well-being and career growth of each individual depends on love compatibility. What kind of success at work can we talk about if there is displeasure on the love front or in a family?

Horoscope Compatibility 2018 Zodiac Signs

Compatibility of pairs in 2018

All people are different and few of us have the perfect character.However, this does not prevent representatives of different signs from creating alliances. Of course, in each of them, people have common points of contact. It can be:

  • common interests;
  • similar character traits;
  • the same look at some questions, etc.

Very often, the strengths of one of the members of such a union complement the weaknesses of the other side. In 2018, conditions will be created that will shift certain accents in the relationship between people. Let's try to figure out how to reflect on the union of representatives of different signs of the zodiac.

The astrologers analyzed how relations between the different signs of the zodiac would develop and made a table in which they evaluated the relationships using a ten-point system:

Horoscope Compatibility 2018 Zodiac Signs

In this table, the male representatives are represented horizontally, and the women in a vertical column. At the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines is a figure that reflects the quality of the relationship of honey by different signs of the zodiac.

What does your union expect in 2018?

When analyzing this table, it is necessary to understand that the relationship in the partnership may be different. Relationships can only arise, and may exist for some time.Let's see what each digit in the table below means:

  • A high score means that your relationship is at its highest point and peace and mutual understanding reign among the partners. As a rule, this situation is observed in the newly born alliances, when the partners did not have time to bother each other and their feelings were not cold. A young couple can get even more appreciation if they continue to maintain the romance of relationships. At first, lovers do not notice the shortcomings of each other and are ready to forgive small flaws.
  • A rating of 5 to 8 means that your relationship is starting to deteriorate and flow on your “love boat”. If you do nothing, then you will certainly collapse. In such a situation, astrologers believe that it is necessary to work on improving relationships. It will be very good if the lovers begin to discuss the problems that have arisen and try to find a way out of this situation. Only working together to get out of the crisis can “ruin” this situation. In such circumstances, it is unacceptable to withdraw into oneself and accumulate offense.
  • Indicator from 3 to 5 - shows that there are serious problems in the relationship that do not require a pending solution.With this indicator, one of the members of the union can go "left" for finding the missing links in the relationship. This situation is still fixable. Partners, for example, may find new common interests or try to regain trust among themselves. Greater attention to each other and longer time spent together can improve the situation.
  • Points from 1 to 3 indicate that the relationship is at an impasse and that serious work is needed to save the union. In this situation, the chances of saving a marriage are very small. At the same time, if your family exists for more than one year and you have children together, it is worth trying to restart the relationship. Maybe it makes sense to close our eyes to some nuances, to forgive past offenses, to look at some things from a different angle. In this case, astrologers advise to make some concessions and not be so categorical in the relationship between partners. We need to try to get closer to each other. Sometimes it is useful to restrain your ego and not demand too much from a partner. You can try to perceive your partner as he is.

Horoscope Compatibility 2018 Zodiac Signs

Opinion of numerologists

According to Chinese tradition, the Year of the Dog is considered to be stable and calm.This means that in family relationships there will be no particular upheavals. Astrologers claim that this year will be especially successful for couples who have lived together for years.

In other matters, lonely people will carry more than in previous years. Many unmarried girls and single guys will find their halves and find happiness. According to Eastern philosophy, the Year of the Dog is one of the best periods to start a family and have children and buy housing.

Numerologists believe that 2018 will be a period of the triumph of egoism. They are sure that everything that happens is influenced by the two, which is obtained by folding all the figures for 2018:

2+0+1+8 = 11

If we continue to fold further, we get:

1+1 = 2

Two, according to numerologists, does not mean the combination of two units (man). This figure on the contrary provokes to go to success alone, ignoring the interests of the family. This year, if you want to be happy, you need to remember those who have been with you for years.

Forecasts of astrologers differ from each other, but they are all unanimously agreed that in 2018 one should not show excessive negative relations. Otherwise, it will accumulate and it is not known what will turn out for you in the future. Especially it is necessary to follow the words and actions.Intentions will not matter as long as the planets are at rest. From 04/22/18 to 09/30/18 Pluto will be in a retrograde state, which means that there is no point in looking for love.

The most harmonious unions on the signs of the zodiac

In 2018, not everyone will be able to establish contact with the opposite sex. Sometimes you have to do a lot of work to find an understanding of another person. This again speaks about how difficult it is to organize compatibility between different signs of the zodiac. After analyzing the relationships between people, astrologers determined the most successful alliances in terms of compatibility:

Taurus with Cancer They have similar views on family relationships and the values ​​of the material plane. Representatives of these signs almost equally emotionally react to many things.
Capricorn with the Virgin They perceive many things calmly and without emotions. Capricorn is happy with Virgo and sees this sign as a generator of ideas. Virgo sees a perfect performer in Capricorn. The relationship of these signs can be envied by all.
Sagittarius with Leo Signs complement each other to the maximum and at the same time do not encroach on personal freedom. No jealousy at all.
Scorpion with Pisces Having different interests and temperament, signs find a common language. In such a union, Pisces extinguish the impulsiveness of the Scorpions, and the latter control Pisces.
Scales with Aquarius Easily compromise and strive for the best result together.
Aries with Gemini Temperament characters do not interfere with each other. Light Twins easily tolerate stubborn and sharp Aries.

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