Horoscope for 2019 for the Rooster: women and men

Characteristic of roostersPeople born in the Year of the Rooster do not trust their intuition, preferring to act on the basis of an analysis of situations, people and events. But it is impossible to calculate everything, and the eastern horoscope for 2019 will help the Rooster to avoid trouble and not miss the opportunities provided by the Yellow Earth Pig. She favors these bright, energetic and fearless people who know how to combine calculus and levity, modesty and the desire to be always in sight, conservatism and the ability to move forward.

It is impossible not to pay attention to a representative; it is the desire to be visible that is the main driving force behind his actions. And this, combined with energy and charm, allows him to pursue his goals. At the same time, he retains compassion and condescension towards others. These people are rarely tactful, but always tell the truth in their eyes and are ready to help.

What awaits those born in the year of the Rooster in 2019?

rooster in a vestThe Year of the Pig will give Roosters many chances to achieve their goals in business, in building a career, and to make their financial position more stable and successful. But he also prepares many traps in relations with close people: lovers and companions of life, children, relatives, friends, business partners and colleagues.

The reason of possible problems is connected with the fact that the hot-tempered and easy-going Rooster is not able to calculate that someone can, smiling into his eyes, harbor anger at him because of a harsh word, and harm him surreptitiously. Difficulties in personal life may arise from the inconstancy of the Rooster. There is a high probability that it will not be possible to hide it from a partner, and even a light intrigue on the side during this period can seriously damage relations in a stable marriage and lead to a rupture. And at the same time, the Rooster will have to face many temptations - his charm will work with all his might and make him very desirable for many.

Horoscope for men

rooster with saberThe horoscope for 2019 for the Rooster male promises significant achievements in all matters related to construction. This is the ideal time to lay the foundation of your house, invest money in construction, make repairs or redevelopment in an apartment, build a family.Those whose professional activities are related to this area are expected to be promoted, a significant increase in income.

Also, the year will be favorable for people who study: at school, in a technical school, at an institute, they write a dissertation, educate themselves, attend seminars and trainings. Information will be easy to digest and stay long in memory. Students and schoolchildren will carry on exams, and teachers will be pleased with the emergence of new talented students and the success of old ones.

Single men will bathe in female attention, but they should think not only about pleasures, but also about creating a family. Married representatives will also arouse interest among women, but it is better for them to pay more attention to work and education, and not to try their woman’s patience - it is not unlimited.

Horoscope for women

rooster with chicken at the tableWomen born in the year of the Rooster, waiting for a bright and eventful year. During these 12 months, relations with the closest people will change significantly, so it is important not to go with the flow, but to direct these changes yourself.

Female Roosters are very caring mothers, but often overly care for children, which causes problems.It is desirable to give them more freedom, otherwise they will try to win it themselves. This applies not only to adolescents, but also to kids 2-3 and older. They also want to dress themselves, choose dessert, toys, friends in the sandbox and what kind of fairy tale to read at night.

The horoscope for 2019 for the Rooster-woman recommends that you pay attention to relationships with close friends and relatives. In order not to run into gossip, betrayal, chilling or breaking a long-term friendship, you should avoid:

  1. Excessive criticism, the distribution of tips that are not asked.
  2. Tactless jokes - do not show your wit, offending anyone.
  3. Bravado - other people's successes, especially slightly exaggerated, often cause envy, and not always white.

Love horoscope

rooster with heartRepresentatives of the mark will have no reason to complain about stagnation in their personal life or the difficulty of finding a partner. But he can create problems for himself, spoil relations that seem ideal. It is not worth risking that it is expensive, because of fleeting enthusiasm, a whim or desire of self-affirmation.

Roosters long married can feel the thirst for new experiences.You should not look for them on the side - it’s better to unravel the tail and sing romantic serenades for your half. The year is favorable for the renewal of relationships, the search for new joint hobbies, travels, the birth of children.

Single women and men have good chances to meet their other half. It is important not to make a mistake in choosing, without noticing the shortcomings of character that are unacceptable in marriage. Choose a better heart, not eyes. The pursuit of two hares is also dangerous, and it will not be possible to catch the most frisky, in love and reliable.

Money horoscope

rooster on coinsIn order not to face material problems at the most inappropriate moment, the eastern horoscope for 2019 for Petukhov recommends avoiding:

  1. Large purchases made under the influence of a minute rush or solely in order to make an impression.
  2. Gambling - this applies not only to playing in a casino, but also to betting with friends, and even buying lottery tickets. Money will have to earn, and not rely on luck.
  3. Debts - it is undesirable to borrow even small amounts, it is easy to forget about them and to spoil relations with a lender. The repayment of large loans will require considerable effort; it may not be possible to make all payments on time.
  4. Greed - saving on the necessary, controlling and limiting the expenses of loved ones will bring only conflicts and frustration.

But this time is favorable for savings and investments, especially in real estate, projects related to construction, to education (one’s own, children’s, one’s own employees).

It is undesirable to keep money at home and carry large sums with you, to buy expensive cars and other luxury items.

Career horoscope

cock in costumeVigor, diligence and competence Petukhov in 2019 will appreciate the leadership. Many of them have good chances to get the desired position or salary increase.

The Year of the Yellow Earth Pig is favorable in order to master new knowledge and skills, to change the approach to work. If work does not bring joy and does not arouse interest, now is a favorable time for a fundamental change in the scope of activity. This sign is easy to learn, and even in adulthood, starting a career from scratch, can quickly achieve enviable results.

Intrigues of subordinates and colleagues can become an obstacle to career growth; therefore, it is important to try to maintain smooth, friendly relations with everyone, to avoid conflicts at work, an authoritarian leadership style.You also need to remember who owns the information - he owns everything, so to achieve your goals you should talk less and listen more.

Health horoscope

rooster strongmanIn 2019 Roosters should take care of their stomach and other organs of the digestive system. No matter how exhausting the business, it is important to eat regularly and correctly. In the diet you need to include a lot of vegetables and fruits, white meat and fish. Temperament often requires a lot of spices and seasonings. You should not get too carried away with salt, pepper and sauces containing vinegar, but it is also undesirable to force yourself to eat fresh food, unless the attending physician insists on it.

The enemy of the digestive system and health in general can be not only an unhealthy diet, but also stress, overload, and Roosters do not always feel how difficult it is for the body to maintain the proposed pace of life. It is desirable to devote a vacation not so much fun, how much rest, including active. Hiking, excursions, regular visits to the gym, relaxing by the sea or in the mountains will help you to recuperate effectively in early autumn.

People born in the Year of the Rooster: Catherine the Great, James Fenimore Cooper,Giuseppe Verdi, Richard Wagner, Claude Bernard, Enrico Caruso, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Yoko Ono, Juliet Mazina, Yuri Nikulin, Leonid Yakubovich, Nikita Mikhalkov.

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