How can I level the floor of the house?

Home cosiness is priceless. In any case, we never spare money for repairs. This is especially true for those cases when you buy an apartment or a house in the secondary market, in which the floors were laid in very old times.

to level the floorHow to level the floor of the house? There are several ways that people with very different incomes can approach.

Particle boards

This is the simplest and uncomplicated method. Particleboard will cost inexpensively, and you can get them in almost every construction shop. What you need to do before work?

First, if the boards of the "native" cover arequite crooked and staggering, then you will have to correct them, re-fixing them on the lags. In this case, they will not creak, and the laid boards will not bend.

Before you level the floor of the house, you needset the beacons, make in the right places the lining of the bars. Be sure to check all the performed stages of work with the help of a building level. The chipboard plates can be mounted with self-tapping screws. Please note that their hats should not come out of the cover, so it is necessary to cut the chamfers before drilling by using a drill of the appropriate diameter.

Sheets of gypsum plaster

This method is not so common, but not at allless relevant. It is performed with gypsum fiber sheets. Of course, because of their low strength and inclination to bend from the idea of ​​laying on the lags will have to be abandoned.

 how to level the floors in an apartmentTo level the floor of the house, in this case you needuse some dry padding. Experts say that in this role, a well-known clayite proved to be quite good. Before it is poured, you also need to fix the flooring boards as thoroughly as possible, by screwing additional screws in them.

Nasypka is made in such a layer that itformed a completely flat surface and had a margin of strength for subsidence or compression. Two layers of GVL (across each other) are placed on top. Often they are fixed only with skirting boards (along the edge of the room), and the seams are closed with glue or sealant.


Of course, with the help of both of the aboveways you can level the floor of the house, but they do not give 100% guarantee of durability. It remains only a cement screed. In addition, if you plan to make a floor of tile, you have no choice.

To do this you will need a decent amount of cement and good building skills, because otherwise your coupler will be far from ideal.

 how to level the floor under the tileNote that its thickness should be at leastfour centimeters, because otherwise the floor can simply crack, not coping with the differences in coverage. Before leveling the floor under the tiles with a screed, you need to carefully repair all the cracks and too large potholes, which can contribute to the overexpenditure of today's expensive cement.

Filling floor

Keep in mind that in the presence of a relativelyflat floors in an apartment or house there is no sense in making a screed. If the differences do not exceed three to four centimeters, then it would be wiser to use the technology of self-leveling floors.

Of course, that before you level the floors in an apartment by this method, you need to properly calculate your budget, since the technology itself is not too cheap.

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