How is the food "All inclusive". What is included in it

So, you decided to rest abroad. And go to the travel agency for a ticket. With the country of rest, you are more or less determined. But how about everything else? The travel agent can advise you on hotels, where the price for a room varies depending on the category of the room, the starry establishment or the prestige of the resort. And what about the food? Here you also have the right to choose. Many hotels offer several types of food at once. They are designated by mysterious Latin letters: B & B, HB, FB, AI, EALL, UALL. What do they all mean? We will talk about this in this article. Most likely, the travel agent will seduce you with the last three abbreviations, since trips with such power systems are more expensive. Below we consider the pros and cons of all inclusive, as well as clarify the question of how the food is labeled "All inclusive" in the prospectus of the hoteliers.

How is food all included

What is behind abbreviations

Let's start with the simplest package of foreignpleasures. B & B literally stands for "bad and badfast", that is, "bed and breakfast." Such a food system is provided in cheap hotels with 1 or 2 stars. But this does not mean that it does not exist in expensive hotels either. In very decent hotels at airports where most travelers stop in transit, this type of food - the morning meal - is fully justified. HB is pronounced as "hav-board". This is half board. You can choose between breakfast and lunch or a morning and evening meal. When choosing an HB supply, one must bear in mind that drinks for dinner will be paid. Half board is often practiced in Spain, Italy and other European countries, where tourists are waiting for a rich excursion program, and there is a place to eat outside the hotel. FB - these are three standard meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). But what about the all-inclusive food? This is "all inclusive". In other words, AI.

Power type all

What's included in "All inclusive"

Type of food "all inclusive" (pronounced"All inclusive") provides for three main meals. How does it differ from a full boarding house? According to the FB system, customers often have to pay for drinks separately at lunch and dinner. And with the AI ​​package they are already included in the cost of the tour. Moreover: a bracelet, which you will wear on hand when you check into the hotel system "All inclusive", will give you the right to use many types of services outside the restaurant walls. Which ones? It already depends on the hotel. Some hotels use saunas, SPA centers or tennis courts. And maybe with such a bracelet you will be allowed to enter the water park, if there is one on the territory of the hotel. And, except for three usual meals, you will be poured cold drinks in the poolside bar. And maybe even alcohol - true, local production. As you can see, "All inclusive" is not only a type of food, but also a certain service system.Food in Egypt all included

"All inclusive" and other "bells and whistles"

How is the "All inclusive"the French hotel club Club Med, the first in the world to launch this concept? "You pay for a full package of services at home, and at the resort do not spend a penny!" Paradoxically, in France itself, "All inclusive" is almost not practiced. Still would! France is not the country where the whole vacation should be spent at the hotel. But in the colonies, where the local population lives poorly, and in public catering establishments it is possible to pick up an E. coli, "all inclusive" has very much taken root. In some countries, tourists find it unsafe to go outside the hotel. Some hotel complexes are whole mini-towns, where there is all that you want: boutiques, hairdressers, etc. In pursuit of the client, hoteliers come up with various bells and whistles to "all inclusive". So there were "super all inclusive", "ultra", "extra" and so on. These packages can include, for example, instructor's lessons in surfing, visits to a la carte restaurants, massage courses and excursions.All inclusive type of food

Pros "All inclusive"

So is it worth choosing when buying a tour typepower supply "all"? Let's first consider the advantages of such a holiday. If you worked hard throughout the year and now on vacation you want to relax as much as possible, enjoy only the sea and the beach, do not think about anything and do not plan any expenses, then the type of food "all inclusive" is directly created for you. There are also such countries (for example, Cuba or India), where you have no other choice. On the Island of Freedom the population spoils itself with chicken once a month, and from a street cafe in Goa, you risk going straight to the hospital. At the same time in hotels all products are fresh. In the Middle East and North Africa, everything depends on the star rating of the hotel, although, in general, the level of service in Turkey is higher than that in Egypt. "All inclusive" on the Anatolian coast provides for ice cream, pastries and natural juices throughout the day. And in Egypt, this service is often reduced to soluble drinks.


To understand the shortcomings of "all inclusive", it is worthTo think: how hoteliers manage not to be ruined, considering gluttony of Russian tourists? Often, cooks enter a strict economy mode with "all inclusive". Vegetables, left over from breakfast, are cut and served as salads for lunch. And if they do not eat then, then for dinner. If you rest for a long time, then delicious dishes, which you like the first day of your stay, a week later, cause a fuss. And in Turkey or Spain, there are so many temptations outside the hotel! I want to try something local, with color. And you start to spend money ... So it is worth three times to think about how the "All inclusive" food is indicated on your vacation.

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