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How much does a house build? The cost of the logs. Constantly rising prices for housing cause many people to build their own housing, which is much more economical than paying for a new apartment in a high-rise building or buying a finished house. A brief overview of the market of wooden housing allows each developer to decide on the most appropriate option for the construction of his house.

As practice and experience shows, today the optimal price-quality ratio can be when building a house from a rounded log. Despite the fact that the rounded log is subjected to mechanical processing, it retains all the best properties of wood - environmental friendliness, strength, ability to effectively filter the air and high thermal insulation of the room. Houses built of logs are very elegant and attractive. Frame houses are cheaper than houses made of logs by 15-20%. Today it is the cheapest option for the construction of housing, but not the most optimal for the quality of construction.

The walls of the frame houseThey are sandwich panels that do not provide high comfort conditions and require additional vapor barrier, exterior and interior decoration. Many developers give their preference to wooden houses from solid or glued timber. But at a cost such houses are 10-15% more expensive than housing made from rounded logs, and in terms of comfort, laminated veneer lumber is slightly worse. The most expensive of the wooden houses is the house of manual logging from solid logs. This is due to the high labor intensity and long periods of construction of the house, as well as the need for qualified professionals for cutting and building a log house.

Most of the cost of a wooden house consists of building materials. To determine the price of materials for the whole house, you need to know their exact volume. The development of professional architects allow you to navigate in this issue to each developer. Finished projects of wooden houses from rounded logs contain all the necessary data for calculating the cost of building a house.

Considering the cost of a rounded log, we can conclude that it depends on several aspects:

  • Workpiece material
  • Time and place of logging
  • The moisture level of the log
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Design features - in the manufacture of an assembly kit (type of cup, number of grooves, length) • Diameter (section size)
  • Antiseptic cost

For the manufacture of logs using coniferous wood - spruce, pine, larch, cedar. The most expensive rounded log is obtained from cedar and larch - resistant and durable wood species. More economical option - pine or spruce. Many developers tend to use for the construction of houses logs harvested in the cold season. Wood harvested in winter is not subject to infection by harmful microorganisms and insects. It is believed that winter wood is more dry and durable than the logs of the summer harvesting. Wood suppliers sell winter wood at a higher price. Rounded logs made from northern forests are more expensive. This is explained by the fact that the building material from the northern regions is environmentally friendly, more resistant to biological damage, consists of small layers.Coniferous trees growing in harsh climatic conditions have stronger and more dense wood. The wood harvested from the southern forest is more loose and less durable. Today, mainly, manufacturers offer rounded logs of natural humidity, which in the process of operation gradually lose moisture, compacted and become more durable. Most often the dry rounded log is made by the individual order. A log of natural moisture will cost less than a dried one. The draft design with a stump and drawings of cutting logs is fundamental for the manufacturer of the rounded log. It contains all the dimensions and parameters for cutting grooves and locks for the assembly of logs. The cost of a log also depends on the number and type of profile of castle bowls, grooves and other elements.

Projects of wooden houses made of logs, developed by a qualified architect, contain the entire package of documentation necessary for their construction. It should be noted that rounded logs are realized as sets of processed and ready-to-install logs, and in the form of cheaper pogonazh - without cutting into separate blanks and cut cups, spikes and grooves.When ordering logs above the standard length of 6 m, the usual price increase of 50% follows. Rounded logs of larger diameter are more expensive than logs of small sizes (up to 220 mm). For the manufacture of rounded logs with a diameter of 280 mm and above, older trees are used, having a solid solid structure and a stable density. Such logs are much less deformed during shrinkage, little susceptible to cracking. The cost of manufacturing a rounded log depends on the processing technology and equipment used. Many modern machines allow for one-pass processing of cups, the selection of the groove and the cylindrical logging. In each case, the manufacturer himself sets the prices for the manufacture of the rounded log. The cost of a log that has been pretreated with an antiseptic increases. Considering the projects of wooden houses from rounded logs, you need to pay attention not only to the appearance of the house, but also to the structural elements - the foundation, roof, truss system and stairs. Since only a thoroughly thought out log house project,taking into account all the features of the construction of the house of natural wood, can be realized by the skillful hands of professional builders in a beautiful, cozy and reliable home.

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