How to act to replace the outlet does not become a problem?

Serviceable sockets are important for any home. They are a guarantee of safety during operation, and also do not provoke a fire from the closure. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor this element. In case of failure, replacement of the outlet is required. Consider how to do it yourself.

Tools and materials

For such work, the following tools will be required: screwdriver, current indicator or indicator screwdriver, hammer, level, primer brush, small capacity for plaster, narrow spatula, nippers or knife.

In this operation, such as replacing the outlet, the following materials are required: a socket, a dummy, an insulating tape, a plaster of small packing, a primer or a PVA glue.

replacement socket

Choosing a socket, it should be understood which optionit is required - a waybill or mortise. It is better to buy the latter. If properly installed, this socket will be firmly fixed, which will not cause it to fall out of the wall in the future. The hidden element has a more aesthetic appearance.

Preparation for work

Installation, replacement of outlets (switches also) is carried out during the daytime with the current cut off. It is desirable to place the tool and materials conveniently at hand.

So, how to disconnect the electrical network in the apartment orhouse? This is done with the help of a tumbler in the shield or by twisting the plugs in the counter. It all depends on what kind of automation system is worth. It is necessary to check whether the network is de-energized.replacement of sockets and switches For this, an indicator instrument is necessarytouch the sockets in turn. If the bulb does not light up, then the system is de-energized. Both contacts are checked because one of them is a phase and the second is a zero. And if in working condition to check the zero phase, the indicator will not light up.


When working with the indicator screwdriver,Click on the metal button that is on top of the tool handle. If you do not press it, even when the network is operating, the indicator will not work when contacting the phase. After being convinced that the network is de-energized, you can start work.

Dismantling the old outlet

It consists of the inner and outer parts -decorative panel. To begin with, use a screwdriver to remove the screw located in the center and remove the plastic panel. Under it is the inside of the socket. Next, it is necessary to disconnect the wires, which are also bolted. We untwist them and disconnect the desired element. In the end we unscrew the screws that hold the spacers of the socket. We take out the inner part.

It is important to look at the status of thewires. If the ends are burnt, they should be cut using a nail clipper or knife and cleaned from the insulating braid to the desired length. The resulting ends should be insulated. If an installation of the sub-socket is required, the replacement of the outlet may take some time. Therefore, it is better to make insulation.

replacement of outlets in the apartment

It should be noted whetherjar. If so, you need to find out what condition it is in. Previously, they used self-made devices for such a device. Nowadays you can buy a finished product made of plastic. It provides a hole for wires and lugs to fix the struts. Dashboards can be single and with transitions for double and triple sockets. Such devices greatly facilitate the process, when replacement is required, installation of outlets, switches and other devices.

Mounting of the receptacle

This kind of work is required if the oldThe device has ceased to hold in the hole or is completely absent. Replace the sub-socket and if it is made of conductive material. You must remove the old device from the hole and try on a new one. If it does not enter, then we need to expand it and make a try again. The receptacle should fit easily into the hole and be flush with the wall.

socket replacement repair Next, you need to brush the inside of the garbage with a brush andto make priming. If there is no such composition, then it is possible to dilute PVA glue with water in a proportion of 1: 3 (one part of the glue in three parts of water) and process. When there is no hand at hand, the inner surface of the hole is moistened with water. But it is desirable nevertheless to primitate. This process will ensure a strong adhesion of gypsum plaster to the surface, which in future will prevent the fall of the outlet.

At the next stage, a small amount ofgypsum mixture. The solution should be applied to the walls of the hole and distributed. Next, insert the jar, first through the hole in his bottom stretch the wires. By pressing the device, the device is inserted into the hole, the excess solution is removed. The end part is trimmed with plaster. The subwoofer must be flush mounted and leveled. You should give time to freeze the solution.


After the solution has solidified, the replacement of the outletis approaching the finish line. First you need to check the length of the wire. If it is more than necessary, it will be possible to hide it in a jar, and if it is less, it will have to be increased. To do this, determine which wire is available - copper or aluminum. At the first variant it is enough to extend it by means of twisting or soldering. Place the elongation to be isolated. If the core of the wire is aluminum, then the extension is made using a special terminal.installation replacement of circuit breaker outlets Before final installation,what wire is the phase, and which is zero, and mark this for yourself. We take a new outlet, remove the front panel, unscrewing the appropriate screw. Next, fix the wires in the appropriate connectors and tighten the screws. The phase is usually connected to the right side of the outlet. We insert the inside of the element into the jar. We fix it by the level and fix it with screws.

Facia mounting

This is the simplest stage. The front part is fixed to the level using a central screw. After all the work is done, you need to connect the network. If the plugs or the machine did not knock out, then everything is set correctly.

Common mistakes

If after work the outlet is unsteady, replacement, repair of it have been made poorly. Let's consider what errors are most often allowed:

  • Lack of a jar. This causes the element to fall out of the hole.
  • The chimney is embedded in the technical hole. In such cases it will be difficult to install the outlet itself.
  • The dashboard protrudes above the wall surface. When installing, there will be a gap between the front of the element and the wall.
  • Incorrect buildup of aluminum wire copper.
  • Work under stress is dangerous for human health and life.

Replacement of sockets in an apartment is a simple process, but requires accuracy and attention. The tool requires a simple and inexpensive, so many people can do this work.


Replacement of old outlets sometimes leads toreplacement of all electrical wiring. This is the case if the wires are worn out. Do not postpone the work for tomorrow, as the consequences can be very sad.replacement of old outlets If you plan to replace the wiring, it is importantto think about where and how the switches and sockets will be located. This will shorten the period of electrical work, for which it is worthwhile to hire a specialist with the appropriate license and work permit. It is better to conduct a hidden wiring. All shtroby should be laid strictly vertically and horizontally. Caps must be placed under the ceiling. It is better to use a copper wire. The cross section is provided depending on the expected power consumption. It is possible to replace the outlets with their own forces. If more complex installation is required, it is better to consult a specialist.

So, we figured out how to replace the sockets and switches.

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