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How to carol, Christmas carols for children

In January, we have a lot of holidays: New Year, Christmas, Old New Year.
These days people are having fun, they visit each other, they wish happiness, health and well-being, they set a rich table and invite relatives to visit. In addition to holiday feasts, at Christmas it is customary to carol, walk in the courtyards, sing carols with wishes of health and happiness.

What are carols, how to carol, what costumes do they wear for caroling?

The tradition of caroling was born during pagan times, when our ancestors worshiped the fertility goddess Kolyada and celebrated the winter solstice, when the days grew longer and the nights shorter. People sang songs dedicated to this event, so that the harvest was good, and there was plenty in the house.

With the birth of Christianity, the two holidays are intertwined and are practically one. At Christmas, adults and children dress up, go to their relatives, friends, learn carols, generosities, and wish everyone well-being and happiness.Carols are traditional ritual songs, which are often religious in nature, glorifying the birth of Jesus Christ. With words the carols began to thank God for all the good things that happened in the old year, praising the generosity and hospitality of the hosts.

How to carol

According to the tradition, mummers go around the village, the village: boys, girls, dressed in costumes, and caroling. The sight is very bright and interesting.

First, for caroling you need to gather in a group of at least three people. At the head of the company of mummers is the “star”, who bears on a stick a large eight-pointed star - a symbol of the birth of Jesus Christ.The star is the main attribute of Christmas. It can be cut out of cardboard or made of wire, decorated with sparkles, broken toys.The star is the main face.He should know the carols very well and sing them.

The next one is ‘‘ ringer, who carries a bell.He calls, thereby informing the owners that they are carrying carols.

And closes the march ‘‘ mehonosh ’‘. He has a bag where the owners put various sweets, rolls, bagels. The bag must be bright, stitched from durable fabric. You can decorate it with stars, month, sun.

Before they begin caroling, the wearers must ask the host for permission to carol. Of course, no one refuses this request, but for the sake of decency, you still need to ask permission. If the owner has given the go-ahead, the mummers thank him, wish hospitable hosts health, happiness, well-being, and begin to sing carols.

Christmas carols for children
Children are easy to teach caroling. They can memorize little carols. Learning carols and generosities with children, we introduce them to the traditions of Slavic culture. Kids very quickly perceive the words of carols. A few repetitions and they know them by heart. Moreover, knowing that later they will be given sweets, children learn carols quickly.

Kolyada, kolyada!
You give us a cake
Or slice bread,
Or a chicken with a tuft,
Cockerel with scallops.

Christ the Savior
Was born at midnight
In the den of the poor
He settled down.

Christ the Lord,
On your birthday,
Give to all the people
The world of enlightenment!

And I'm small, but udalenky,
Was born on Tuesday
On Wednesday, I studied
Books to read,
Christ magnify!
Congratulate you!
Be healthy.
Merry Christmas!
Today the angel came down to us,
And he sang: "Christ was born!"
We came to glorify Christ,
And congratulations on your holiday!

Nowadays, children go with carols to have fun and get a treat.
Children can be dressed up in bright clothes.For example, with buffoon: in a bright shirt, wide trousers, a hat on the head with bells, to belt a shirt with a belt. If your children go caroling, make sure they are warmly dressed, do not forget to give them mittens so that they do not freeze. Winter is still on the street!

It is often customary to sow the floor with grain so that there is prosperity in houses."I sow, sow, sow, happy New Year or Merry Christmas!"
By learning carols with children, we help them develop their memory, creativity, children learn about the rites and traditions of Christmas.

Christmas carols for children

Give me sweet honey
Yes, a piece of cake
I will dance and sing.
And sing carols!
I help my mother.
I am caroling till morning.
Have pity baby
Give me some candy!

You do not chase the children.
And treat more delicious!
Give sushka and bagels,
And some gift!
Koljadaem, koljadaem,
We alternate songs with dance!
And squatting around and around
Treat the cake!
Children go home
give us treats!
Wish you good luck
And health in the bargain
The mummers came,
All made up.
We will entertain you,
Mood to raise!
Give us the coins,
Children on candy,
We do not bring evil to people.
We can not refuse!
Goat goat horned.
Carols rich.
What is filled with a little chest
Put in our bag!
Mehonosh i'm called
And I'm not afraid of frosts!
To you I go to the light,
And carry a big bag!
Ding-ding, ding-ding, bells are ringing!
Sons and daughters have come to you!
You meet kolyadnikov,
We welcome a smile!
Mother winter has come.
Open the gate!
Christmas time came!
Come carols!
Wishes carols
Merry Christmas to you, people!
peace and good with you
To grief you did not know
And lived in wealth!
An angel came down from heaven to you
And said: "Christ was born!"
We came to glorify Christ,
And to congratulate you on the holiday.
Kolyada has arrived
On the eve of Christmas.
May God grant him who is in this house
We wish all the people good.
Gold silver
Gingerbread Cakes
Soft pancakes.
Good health
Butter cow.

Costumes for caroling
To correctly carol, it is not enough just to learn the words of the songs. You also need to dress up, pick up costumes for caroling children.

You can dress up children in folk style.

Clothing should be bright, elegant. You can search for something suitable in your grandmother's chest and sew a suit for your child. A girl can pick up a bright scarf, a beautiful bright and fluffy skirt, preferably a long one, make a wreath, decorate it with colorful ribbons.

Boys can also wear a shirt in folk style, decorated with embroidery, wide trousers. The whole company can dress up and send caroling around the village.


Masks have always been an important element of the Christmas costume. Previously, they were sewn from dense fabric, leather. Now you can buy a ready-made mask or try it yourself. What kind of masks are most often put on at Christmas: the mask of a goat, a deer, a dog, a horse.


Typical character carols. You can wear a sheepskin coat or sheepskin coat, turned inside out, put on a goat mask, a knitted hat on your head, to which you can attach horns.


Also a party to the festivities for Christmas and the old New Year. The suit can be rented. And you can also wear a grandmother's old fur coat, grandfather's hat with earflaps, paint a face, draw a nose. Just! And the bear costume is ready!

Adults will not be able to resist the dressed children, singing the sonorous children's voices of the song. Generously they will be treated with sweets, will give coins.After all, children will bring so much joy, the mood will be lifted up very much both by relatives and neighbors.

Learn Christmas carols with the children, congratulate your relatives on the holiday.

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