How to collect apples?

Yablonu can be found on almost everya summer cottage or in a garden near the house. These trees please us with delicious fruits and are well tolerated by unfavorable weather conditions. And the harvest from one apple tree is sometimes very large, so you want to keep apples as long as possible, in order to enjoy generous gifts of nature in winter and spring.

Which apples can be harvested?

That the fruits are stored for a long time and do not spoil, theirit is necessary to collect correctly. Before thinking about how to collect apples, you should determine whether they are ripe or not. If they have acquired a characteristic color, they easily break from the tree, so it's time to harvest. On maturity, too, says a large number of fruits that fell from the apple tree. You can tear one apple and try it - if it is nice to taste, you can collect the rest.

Not all apple varieties are suitable for storage. Summer should be used immediately after removal from the tree. They are soft, juicy and quickly spoiled. Autumn varieties can be safely kept for storage until spring.

Rules for collecting apples

Ripe apples should be removed from the tree very carefully, so as not to damage the surface, otherwise they will start to rot.

  1. First, the hands remove fruits from the lower branches.
  2. Then from the middle.
  3. With the top branches to remove the fruit is not so simple. You can use a ladder for this, but it is better to use a special device in the form of a funnel on a long stick. It is not difficult to build it yourself from improvised means.
  4. Apples are neatly stacked in wooden boxes

Thus, all apples will be removed from the tree andprepared for long-term storage. You should carefully inspect each fruit for damage and only after that place the boxes in a cold dark place, for example, in a cellar or cellar. If the temperature is kept constant at about zero degrees, the harvest will be long fresh and tasty.

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