How to congratulate your son?

In every family it is customary to celebrate birthdays,especially if it is your child's holiday. Usually we collect big noisy companies, we call many guests, friends, and, not always thinking about the fact that the child is still very small or even half of the guests have never seen before. Try not to make such mistakes, and do not turn the holiday of the child into your own.

Congratulations to the little son

Imagine that in your family not so long agoson was born. And very soon his first birthday. How can I congratulate my son on a year - the best gift for any boy is a car. At this age it is best to give something very practical, for example, the best option for a gift can be a large car, on which your child can ride himself. Not only is it great and very convenient, so also the baby's legs will develop - he will need to push off to ride. To celebrate this birthday do not necessarily call a lot of people. Let if the guests come, it will be all the closest and most loved, whom the child already knows very well.

Congratulations to someone else's son

If you want to congratulate your friend's son,nephew or another boy, then when choosing a gift, you can ask advice from the child's parents, perhaps he mentioned his dreams. If you do not know the child well, then you can buy any set for boys - pistols, cars, soldiers, races and stuff. The main thing when choosing a gift is to take into account not only the age of the child, but also his interests. Agree that if a child is not addicted to board games, has no interest in design, then it is foolish to give him a designer or game. Remember that the gift should please the child.

Choose a gift

When choosing a gift for your children, parentstake into account the need for this or that thing. For example, you can give a child a set consisting of a table and a chair, if, of course, he needs it. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that when parents think how to congratulate their son or daughter, it is worth remembering all the wishes of the child, as well as your promises to them. For example, last month your child saw a beautiful robot in the store and asked you to buy it, but you refused, citing a lack of money, but promised that you would give the same for your birthday. Children remember everything very well. You did not think that the child all this time can and only lives this dream. And you took it, and bought him a gun.

To congratulate his son on his 18th birthday, his parentswill have to spend a little. Usually on such dates give something material, expensive, for example, a scooter, a bicycle, a motorcycle, a car, it all depends on your material well-being. Such holidays are usually celebrated in the circle of friends, in noisy youth companies.

If you do not know how to congratulate your son withanniversary, then try to guess with the right and very useful gift, suitable for this age of the jubilee. Some will give an apartment or a car, someone will spend on a ticket to the sea, others will give a new purse or a beautiful watch. But all this is nothing, in comparison with the parental love, care, understanding and support that are so necessary for us.

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