How to connect a modern washing machine

Modern apartment provides the owner with the maximum comfort of living, and we acquire a significant set of home appliances, which helps to perform a large amount of homework with little or no human intervention. Dishwashers, vacuum cleaning robots, “smart home” systems and just small household helpers - all this has long been news, and sometimes a necessity for a modern person. And the washing machine on this list is one of the first technical solutions that went into each house and simplified the washing process as much as possible, making it comfortable and easy.

But in order for you to be pleased with the washing machine, it is not enough just to buy it, you still need to connect it. For work, it uses the electrical network and in addition, it must be connected to the water supply and sewerage network. Depending on the model, volume of the tank for washing, additional functions and technology, the consumed electric power can be up to two kilowatts.In some cases, and moreover, so you should use sockets that are designed for this type of load, and the wires and protective equipment to withstand the flow of current of a given magnitude. Usually this value is indicated in the passport of the washing machine and it is necessary to strictly follow all the rules of installation and installation of the electrical outlet for the washing machine.

An important point in the installation and connection of washing machines is the fact that they are often operated in wet rooms. That is why in the bathrooms the connection of washing machines here to the electrical network must be made with the use of grounding conductors in the outlet, or if there is no such possibility, then with the mandatory installation of protective disconnect devices. It is necessary first of all to protect users of household appliances from electric shock, but also to ensure reliable operation of electronic components with which all modern washing machines are equipped.

Answering the question about how to properly connect a washing machine, we should not forget that it also needs cold water supply.In modern apartments and houses for this purpose there is a special branch with a shut-off valve, where the hose is connected. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to buy so-called “tees” that can be inserted into the water pipe break and provide a connection point. Where exactly to install such a "tee" can best decide an experienced specialist in the connection. As well as the connection to the sewer pipe should be carried out according to the manufacturer's recommendations - for many models of washing machines it is important to ensure the level of tapping into the sewer almost at the highest point of the washing machine itself.

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