How to cook beef stew at home?

How to cook beef stew at home?

  1. Here's an excellent recipe: Although I do not rewrite it in my own words, but I am not preparing this recipe for the first time. It turns out perfectly!
  2. for cooking homemade stew: beef pork or pork, preferably not very lean; if the meat is not fat enough, add lard; salt; black pepper.

    Glass jars, preferably with twisting lids, are sterilized, filled with meat and spices, covered and put in a container of cold water on a grate placed on the bottom of this same masonry. After the water boils the fire reduce and stew meat 5-7 hours. During this process, water is added to the masonry so that the banks are always in it.
    and here's another

  3. Homemade beef stew.
    fresh meat;
    Lard (by weight, about 5 times less than meat);
    salt (no more than 1 teaspoon per kilogram);
    bay leaf, bell pepper;
    several large pans;
    containers for packing.


    Sliced ​​meat should be put in dry pans, salt and put on a very weak fire. You can not top up the water in the pot. Fresh meat contains a sufficient amount of moisture for cooking, which at the beginning of the quenching will be squeezed out of it. (If you eat a lot of meat, you can put it all at once, and cut and add as the volume decreases, but it's not worthwhile to delay the process of adding meat longer than an hour and a half.) Stew the meat, occasionally stirring, 4.5-6 hours, so be patient and time (as well as electricity / gas). In the middle of the process we take half of the fat, cut it finely and add it to the meat. At the end of cooking, put the bay leaf and peppercorns. Unlike home roast, neither onions, nor garlic in stew can not be placed - otherwise it will not be stored for long. Readiness of the stew is determined by taste. Have not yet cooled the stew into a dry container. Now you just melt the remaining fat and pour it on the cooled meat.


    For beef stew, fresh beef is preferred in large pieces (fillets). Suitable and already cut meat - azu or goulash. Frozen meat is extremely undesirable.
    To keep the stewed meat, the finished meat is poured over with fat. By itself, beef usually does not contain the right amount of fat, so when making beef stew, use fat of a different origin, for example, lard. If you make pork stew, fat can be cut from the meat you bought, and at the end of cooking melt and pour it on stew.
    In the process of cooking, beef boils down about 40%. This means that you need to buy fresh meat more than you need stew. If you start from the norm of consumption 70-100 g stew on man-day, that is 7-10 kg per 10-day trek as part of 10 person, then you need to buy 10-14 kg fresh boneless meat plus 2-3 kg fat.
    Packaging is a weak spot in the home cooking of stew. Therefore, you need to start the process by searching for suitable containers. Some tourists use for this purpose foil packets from under the milk. In the book "Three in a boat not counting a child" it is recommended to pack the stew into aluminum cans with the capacity of 1.5-2 l, I used ordinary cans. In any case, the container must be sterile - it must be boiled (or at least be boiled water) and dried.

  4. Sarit course you can. For example, in a pressure cooker. But it can not be guaranteed.
  5. Home stew
    Stewed meat can be prepared from fresh pork, beef or lamb according to the same recipe. At home, it is more convenient to preserve stewed meat in half liter or liter glass jars and roll up with tin lids. Banks and lids are previously sterilized in boiling water. For cooking, it is preferable to use an oven. Cut the meat into large pieces of the same size, salt to taste. At the bottom of each canister lay 1 laurel leaf, 10 peas black bitter pepper, fill the jar with prepared meat, evenly distributing the fatty and lean slices, add to the jars the inner fat. Tightly filled cans can be covered with glass lids, placed on a baking tray and placed in an oven preheated to 200. Pour a layer of coarse salt on the baking sheet. After boiling the contents of the cans, hold in a preheated oven for about 2 h, then remove and roll with sterile lids.

    Tuna recipes

    In all recipes for mass preparation of the stew, you need to do more than what is actually required with the percentage of unsealed cans.

    Recipe 1
    At home you can prepare a tongue so. Glass jars (0,51 L) are sterilized, filled with meat with spices, closed and put in a boiler with cold water on a grill placed on the bottom. When the water boils, put a small fire (so that only the boil does not stop) and stew for several hours (usually 57). When the stew is ready, the cans are taken out of the pot with a grip. The recipe is simple, but there are a few tricks in nm.
    If the meat is not fat enough, it is worth adding lard to the feed.
    We need some devices that would not let the banks explode. Or, they use reusable caps attached to the can with a spring (such caps easily release excess pressure, and after the preparation they seal the jar), or use special clamps that hold the disposable cover in place.
    The water from the boiler is gradually boiling. Banks should always be in the water, while you need to top up only boiling water otherwise the bank can suck the water.
    Factory preparation of the stew is not much different from home only tin cans, which easily withstand high pressure, and the quality of raw materials.

    Recipe 2
    The sterilized cans are filled with meat with spices, covered with lids and put in a preheated oven. For more even heating, large salt is poured onto the baking sheet. After cooking (23 h from the moment of boiling), remove and roll up. This recipe is faster and does not require any technical tricks. The disadvantages of this recipe are the lower quality of the product and the higher the probability that the pot is depressurized.

  6. Boil the meat with chunks, fry. Melt the butter and pour the meat, you can chronize in any dishes in the refrigerator. Pleasant to you!
  7. cook for a long time on low heat meat with all the spices you like!

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