How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year of 2019 pig

You are thinking about how to beautifully decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2019 - we will tell you all about how to decorate the traditional green beauty in an original way and offer interesting life hacking to create creative analogues with photos and descriptions.

Christmas spruce - an essential attribute of the New Year celebration. Large or small, live or artificial, the Christmas tree creates a New Year's atmosphere and uplifting. Today, there are many options for decorating New Year's beauty for home and office, for children's institutions, themed and, of course, creative.

We decorate the Christmas tree for 2019

Herringbone in retro style

For most people, the New Year is a family holiday, and the process of decorating the main New Year symbol symbolizes not only the arrival of holidays, but also the connection between generations. If you keep a lot of old toys in the box, each of which is associated with many childhood memories, the question “how to dress up a fluffy Christmas tree for the coming 2019” is not so relevant, because traditionally retro decorations are placed on the branches of the beauty in a chaotic manner.You can complement the composition with rain and festoons, as well as sweets, which will be especially pleasant to look at when you make out the Christmas tree after the holidays.

Christmas tree decoration in retro style

The main thing, do not forget that in continuation of the family tradition in 2019, your collection of toys should be replenished with at least one Christmas ornament with the image of the symbol of the year - a cute pink pig!

In a single color

Not so long ago, the so-called "European" design options for the winter beauty appeared. So, in the winter of 2018-2019, in the trend there will be a Christmas tree decorated with toys of the same color. Moreover, the size, texture and shape of Christmas decorations can be different. The main thing - the perfect match shade.

When planning how to decorate a Christmas tree in a single shade for 2019, you can dwell on the different trendy colors of this season, but the best thing on a green Christmas tree will look:

  • gold;
  • silver;
  • ultraviolet;
  • red;
  • Orange;
  • yellow.
Golden christmas treeGolden christmas tree
Silver Christmas TreeSilver Christmas Tree
Herringbone color ultravioletHerringbone color ultraviolet
Christmas tree decoration in red colorsChristmas tree decoration in red colors

For white artificial spruce also suitable shades of purple, blue, pink or turquoise.

Christmas tree

You can not stop at any one color - we will tell you how to dress an unusual Christmas tree in a rainbow style for 2019. This will require 7 sets of toys in the primary colors of the rainbow, from red to purple.

You can hang decorations in one of three ways:

  • in a spiral;
  • in circles;
  • vertical stripes.

Christmas tree

Two-color decoration

A more classic option for those who are looking for recommendations on how to decorate a live or artificial Christmas tree in 2018-2019 is a stylish two-color composition.

Best combined:

  • gold + red;
  • gold + silver;
  • gold + brown or terracotta;
  • white + blue;
  • yellow (golden) + green;
  • lilac + pink or lilac.

You can also create an exclusive design in halftones, combining the main color with a few softer shades.

Spiral design

An interesting solution for all those who are looking for fresh ideas on how to decorate a large Christmas tree in an original and original way for 2019, taking into account the main fashion trends.

The spiral design can be made in different ways. It is also possible the most different combination of colors. The main principle is the arrangement of toys and garlands in rows in a spiral from the top of the head to the base, which creates an unusual effect.

Spiral New Year Tree Design

A bold and unusual idea is needed - look at the photo and imagine how you can effectively decorate the Christmas tree with flowers, giving guests in 2019 a lot of bright emotions!

Creative Christmas trees

Today, more and more often in offices, educational institutions and ordinary apartments you can see creative Christmas trees. There are several reasons for this:

  • the effect of "wow", because such a Christmas tree just will not go unnoticed;
  • saving space, which is a weighty argument for small rooms;
  • respect for nature, because the creative Christmas tree will help to preserve the life of a real forest beauty;
  • practicality, as many alternatives are safe for kids and animals;
  • the process of implementing an idea in which the whole team or all family members can participate.

Christmas tree do it yourself

We bring to your attention a few of the most interesting creative ideas on how to create your own hands and decorate an unusual Christmas tree on the eve of 2019 Pigs.

Spruce on the ceiling

The idea is no longer new, but each year there are several radically new interpretations of the ceiling Christmas tree. You can, of course, fix a real green beauty under the ceiling, but it is better to choose a simpler in terms of implementation and a more extraordinary option, as in the photo below.

Christmas fir on the ceilingChristmas fir on the ceiling
Unusual design of Christmas spruceUnusual design of Christmas spruce
Ceiling Christmas TreeCeiling Christmas Tree
Spruce on the ceilingSpruce on the ceiling

Tasty Christmas tree

There are many options for culinary compositions, the creation of which can be used:

  • candies;
  • biscuit;
  • fruit;
  • vegetables, etc.
Herringbone sweetsHerringbone cake

Christmas tree invisible

The original solution, which is to hang Christmas toys on a transparent, almost invisible fishing line.It seems that they are floating in the air, creating the shape of a New Year tree. It looks very beautiful and unusual.

Christmas tree on the lineInvisible Tree

Theme options

You can create your own extraordinary New Year's beauty from any available materials. It only takes a little time and a creative approach.

Such an exclusive themed composition will be able to decorate a shop window, reception desk, office space or personal desktop.

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