How to eat squid?

Squids are sea creatures that from ancient timesare considered tasty and useful delicacy. It is so popular and widely available that the question of how to eat squid is quite rare. And although the squid in our country is a product imported, practically in all regions it is considered habitual, "its own." When buying squid, it is important to follow the same rules as for sea fish: make sure that the product has not been thawed and frozen several times.

What parts of the squid eat

Virtually all parts of the squid are suitable for food. Taurus with caudal fins is more valuable, tentacles though cheaper, but in taste qualities are in no way inferior. The nutritional value of the different parts of the squid is also the same. The only difference between the body and the tentacles is the convenience of processing.

Studying how to eat squid, you need to remember,that there are these cephalopods that must be removed before cooking. These are the internal organs that are inside the body cavity, as well as the chord, which is quite simply removed from the "pulp" of the squid. Only cleaned and washed squids are subject to cooking, frying, stewing.

Methods of cooking squid

In different countries there are recipescooking squid. The Japanese and the people living near the eastern seas are very fond of dishes from raw squid. For them, the usual way of cooking is easy salting, soaking. It is difficult for a Russian person to accept such a tradition, so we are particularly popular with boiling and squashing of squid. Purified cephalopods are sent for 4 minutes to boiling water, after which it is necessary to cool the squid and cut into rings or cubes.

Then it remains to decide what to eat with squid. They are well combined with rice, cheese, boiled egg, soy sauce, sour cream and mayonnaise, with green grated apple, radish, with many varieties of fish. Modern chefs stuff the calf's calf with even ham, fried carrots and onions.

When preparing different dishes are usedboiled squid, but the cooks do not deny the possibility of frying in butter, as well as quenching a small amount of fish broth. Boiled and stuffed squid can be baked in a frying cupboard, they in this case are not made rigid and get an excellent ruddy crust. For more information on how to prepare squid, click here.

Useful food or a snack for a penne?

And as an independent dish, and as asnacks for light alcoholic beverages squid is simply gorgeous. Salads, soups, snacks, stuffed hot dishes, pates - all this is unusually tasty and useful. In countries where squid is harvested and harvested, they are also dried and dried, preserving the maximum of nutrients. Such squid is an excellent snack for beer, but do not confuse them with packaged salted substitutes. Choose a natural product, improve your health, have fun!

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