Shelf mounting

May 17, 2010
DIY furniture

hidden mounting shelvesWith the help of shelves of various designs and their placement, designers often give the rooms a peculiar style, for example, shelves with “floating in the air” shelves look spectacular. The hidden fastening of the shelves allows you to attach them to the walls of the furniture, the highlights of such an attachment will be discussed in this article.

The first four methods are designed for shelves not less than 19 mm thick - in the side edges of the shelves choose a groove 4 mm wide, not reaching 30 mm from the front edge, in this groove insert keys, aluminum tires and other shelf supports. It will not be possible to choose a groove in thin shelves, so they are installed on hidden shelf supports that go into the grooves selected in the lower plane of the shelves. Making hidden shelves in furniture is much easier than it seems at first glance.

Work order

mounting shelves

  1. Swedish staples made of steel wire with hooks at the end, which are inserted into the bearing walls of furniture.
  2. Sleeve regiment holders are special-shaped pins (or ordinary cylindrical), on which the shelf is worn.
  3. Aluminum tires hit the load-bearing wall, and then a shelf is put on them.
  4. The fastening of the shelves with the help of dowels or lamellas occurs in the following way: with one half of the dowels into the groove and with the other into the groove chosen in the shelf.
  5. Fastening of thin shelves with the help of hidden elements - on the bottom of the shelf you can see the recess under the protruding part of the shelf holder.
  6. On a photo options of shelf holders for thin shelves are presented.

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