How to glue the glass?

Glass is a fairly fragile material, and to handlewith it you need very carefully. Everyone knows this. But, sometimes, happen in the life of grief. Glass objects can break, crack, pinch. And, although there is a popular belief according to which to keep broken glass in the house - unfortunately, but: "It's a pity to throw out your beloved grandmother's vase!" - or: "I'll paste this cup, and let it be in the cupboard, just complements the service, for beauty! "- we think, and, no, no, and we will refute the famous saying that a broken cup is not glued together. And the damaged windshield in the car is not all replaceable immediately.

So it turns out that the question of how to glue the glass,far from once in his life, practically every diligent master is asked. And since the topic is in demand, it means it should be disclosed. What are we going to do with you now? So, we answer the questions posed in order.

How to glue the glass. Technology

  • If you glue two glass surfaces, first of all, they need to be prepared. To do this, degrease the glass with a solvent.
  • Whichever glue you use, the technology of the process itself will change little. Apply a layer of glue on both parts of the glued glass surfaces and dry it for 5-10 minutes.
  • Next - another layer, which should also dry, but this will take 2-3 minutes.
  • Now connect the parts to be glued and fix them with clamps or rubber jutes.
  • The setting time for each glue is different. This information you can always read on the package with glue. But here's your advice. Allow the glued glass object to lie back. 24 hours - the optimum time for final hardening, practically, of any glue.

How to glue a windshield

  • To begin with, we immediately clarify that the cracks in the frontwe glue the glass temporarily. Until there is an opportunity to replace it with a new one, which, of course, must be done in the shortest possible time. After damage to the windshield can limit the driver a review that on the road - is unacceptable.
  • Therefore, as the most temporary and easiest way to urgently repair it will be appropriate to suggest that you simply glue a crack on the windshield with scotch tape. But this is if you will not drive so long.
  • Glue cracks on the windshield can, also, any transparent liquid polymer glue. Colorless "liquid nails" or "liquid glass" are also suitable.
  • Just do not miss an important moment. Before applying glue to the crack, its edges need to be drilled. So your crack can not go further.
  • After the glue dries, the glued surface is sanded and polished. This allows you to make a crack, almost invisible.

How glue to glue the glass

  • The most common clerical (silicate) glue can be glued decorative glass items. Load such a seam can not withstand any, but it will be completely invisible.
  • If casein is added to the clerical glue (100 g of silicic adhesive - 100 g of casein), then the strength of the joint can be significantly increased.
  • Another recipe for glue for glass: mix 50 ml of liquid glass with 5 ml of glycerin and 20 g of sugar.
  • And you can try this: 10 parts of food gelatin mixed with 2 parts of potassium dichromate, which you can buy in a store for jewelers, ordering "hrompik".
  • Among the glues available on the market for gluing glass surfaces, the Glass Glue of the Dutch company Bison, Mars, Unicum, Moment-1 is the best.
  • To glue paper, fabric and other materials to the glass, PVA glue can be used.
  • Aquariums are glued with two-component adhesives-sealants: "Glue-sealant", "Glue-sealant PL-1", "Elastosil-2".

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