How to lengthen jeans - adults and children

Trousers made of denim are an essentialobject in the wardrobe of any person. Indeed, at least one pair of jeans will be found in the arsenal of a one-year-old youngster and a gray-haired elderly man who is gray-haired. The popularity of these clothes can be very easily explained - dense Cotton pants are comfortable, practical, attractive and durable. There are many options for cutting and sewing jeans, men often prefer classic trousers with trousers-trumpets, ladies prefer narrow jeggins more.

how to lengthen jeans

With all the variety of models of jeans, they allhave one common feature - manufacturers are sewing off trousers with very long trousers. This is done in order to make clothes universal, suitable for a person of any growth. But the fact that for the owners of the feet from the ears is very good, then for people with medium or low growth - a problem. They have to sew up trousers, cutting off the extra centimeters. It often happens that the master in the atelier or the owner has overdone himself and has to think about how to lengthen jeans.

Something is shorter, something is longer ...

Trouble with short trousers can occurnot only in case of unsuccessful sewing experiments. Denim fabric tends to shrink, the wearer of pants can trite to grow, it happens that ideally sitting in the belt and barely worn out jeans lose sight only in the lower part, then you have to cut the disheveled trousers and think about how to lengthen jeans to give them second life.

how to lengthen children's jeans

When customers bring their pants to a professionalAtelier, the master should carefully try on fitting, it is important to initially take with you shoes in which you plan to walk in a pair of jeans. These precautions will help to avoid trouble with "shot" pants and thrown in the wind money.

Taking a job from a seamstress, many clientsoften wonder why they, along with ready-made trousers, give small pieces of cut pants. The fact is that employees of a sewing workshop often have to deal with the question of how to lengthen jeans. They prudently give their customers cut pieces, so that if necessary, they came for the subsequent repair of trousers with ready-made material. The seamstress can make from this a nondescript piece of cuffs, a lapel, just to thread it to the pants. Such repairs do not take much time and do not require careful selection of fabric, because it is not always possible to choose the material of the required thickness, color or texture.

jeans for boys

The easiest way

So, if the problem with short pants on the face,it must be solved. The most elementary way is to try to use an existing resource. What does it mean? To begin with, you can remove the existing bend and try to solve the existing problem with little blood. Probably, the seam conceals in itself those 1.5-2 cm long missing pants. This option is good for new jeans, because worn and washed pants wear out quickly enough from the bottom and after their lower edge is ripped, the whole shabby appearance is maximized.

How to lengthen jeans as simple as possible? In the case where a simple steaming with a subsequent minimal hem is not enough cut (or this option is impossible due to the strong worn pants), you can use one more option. To do this, it is necessary to sharpen the missing length to them, selecting the most similar fabric. Such cuffs can be taken from other trousers, cutting off their length, in which case you do not even have to work hard, the main thing is to sew together cuts. You can use a piece of cloth, but experts recommend making a pattern on the scythe, as jeans are likely to be produced in this way.

jeans with lace

With girls easier

The question of how to lengthen children's jeans, risesin front of parents with an enviable regularity. The child is peculiar to grow, and often it happens very abruptly and unexpectedly for mom and dad. In addition to the pleasant sensation that the baby has become a little more mature, the growth process leaves an unpleasant residue in the soul, and in the purse after such physiological processes there is nothing left at all. The case, however, is completely fixable. To extend jeans for girls is easy, simple, for the good of ideas there is simply an incredible amount. Here are just a few of the most popular and inexpensive ones:

  • the trousers can be opened and made fringed from a worn seam;
  • sewn to the trousers cute ruffles of colorful fabric or lacy ruffles will make the pants exclusive and not short;
  • lengthen pants can not only on the bottom edge -an insert made of lace or cloth, placed in the area of ​​the knees, looks very impressive and aesthetically pleasing, in addition, thanks to this trick, it is very easy to get rid of scuffs or holes formed as a result of falls or crawling.

The latter option is a find not only for mothers of girls, it is also easy to fix boy's jeans in this way.

remaking of jeans

Boys-accelerators and men are conservatives

With the problem of short and damaged pantsboys have to face at times more often than their peers. In addition, the strong sex is distinguished by his finicky and intractable nature in the matters of reworking his wardrobe. Conservatives by nature, men can frown on the micro-repair of their favorite jeans, and even stop wearing them altogether.

The best way to lengthen jeans for a boywill make for them a lapel from cotton fabric. Traditionally it can be a cage or a strip, peas or just a monophonic insert - all these options will look actual and presentable.

jeans with elastic band

Recently, great popularity has been wonPants with a rubber band on the bottom. If such a model is to your liking, then, sewing cuffs made of knitwear or jeans fabric, you can kill two birds with one stone in one fell swoop - to make trendy jeans that will have the necessary length.

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How to lengthen jeans - adults and children How to lengthen jeans - adults and children How to lengthen jeans - adults and children How to lengthen jeans - adults and children How to lengthen jeans - adults and children How to lengthen jeans - adults and children