How to make a cesspool

June 12, 2011
A private house

How to make a cesspoolThe question of how to make a cesspool, are set not only the owners of villas and country houses, but also residents of private houses in the city. Centralized sewage is not always available, and in order to ensure the comfort of living, you need to think about the structure of the cesspool. If we approach the solution of this problem correctly, then this device will be enough for a long time, and there will be no problems with cleaning either.

It is necessary to begin with a choice of the place under a cesspool. The question is quite complicated, because on the one hand, I don’t want to place this building too close to the scrap, and on the other hand, too long sewer pipes are also not desirable. It is also necessary to take into account that it is necessary to ensure the access of the sewage truck to the sump. If there is a water well or a well in the garden plot, then it is unacceptable to arrange a sump with natural filtration, since the minimum distance between these two objects is 30 meters.

It is also necessary to correctly determine the required volume of the sump.It is believed that 0.5 cubic meters of the volume of the pit must be counted on one person, but sometimes these calculations turn out to be incorrect due to additional operating conditions. For example, clay soil does not facilitate fast filtration, and therefore if in the first year the pit can still cope with waste, then after a while the soil is saturated with fats and other substances and practically ceases to absorb waste. If there is a possibility, then it is better to make a cesspool with a reserve of volume, for example, for a family of three - about 6 cu. meters In addition, the volume of the tank of the sewage truck is 3 cubes, and you have to pay for the call regardless of how full the tank is.

After determining the volume of the sump, pipes are laid. The important point here is that it is necessary to observe a constant slope of 3-5 degrees (this is somewhere 4-7 cm per linear meter) and take into account that the longer the pipe, the greater the angle of inclination.

Equip cesspools in different ways.The material of the construction of the walls can be:

  • brick
  • concrete
  • Concrete ring
  • solid concrete rings.

The best option is a red ceramic brick. It does not collapse from moisture and serves for quite a long time. It is necessary to lay it on the easy base. The thickness of the walls can be taken into the brick floor, leaving between the ends of the gap 5 cm for filtering. The bottom of the cesspool is better to concreted, so that water does not erode the soil. In the upper part of the pit, you can equip the ventilation - lay the pipe and bring it outside the infield. Above the pit is covered with a concrete slab (it can be poured on the formwork), it must be provided with a hatch. If the cesspool is at the entrance and it will be driven by traffic, then it is better to make a slab thicker (at least 25 cm) and reinforce it well.

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