How to make a pompom on a fork?

Lush pom-poms are a popular element for decor,which is certainly familiar to everyone involved in needlework. It is quite easy to make a large ball of threads. For a base, as a rule, use two rings cut from cardboard. But if you need small pompoms, this method is not good.


Of course, today you can buy in the storealmost everything. The market offers a huge range of goods for needlework. But you can make a beautiful evenly pompom on the fork and with your own hands. This will take quite a bit of time, accuracy and the most common cutlery.

The self-production of small pompons is not only an easy way to get the necessary decorative element, but also an excellent idea for the recycling of yarn remains.


The first stage of the work is winding the yarn on the teeth of the fork. It will take a classic cutlery with four prongs. A dessert fork for these purposes will not work.

how to make a pompom on a fork

Hold the edge of the thread with your finger, and with the other hand, lay tight, even turns. Try to move from the bottom to the ends. The more exactly the yarn is laid, the more carefully the ball will turn out.

You can use yarn for any pompomsthickness, but it is best for small pompons to fit fine. By the way, pompons on the fork with their own hands can be made using the same technology from tulle threaded tulips.

If you need several identical pompoms, be sure to count the turns. To determine their number is impossible.

Pompon assembly

When it seems to you that the turns are enough,extend a strong thread between the two middle teeth. Pull off all the threads, pass the thread over the upper edge of the winding and output to the front surface, as shown in the illustration.

pom-poms on a fork with their own hands

Firmly tie the ends. Using small sharp scissors make cuts along the edges from the outer teeth. Our future pompom on the fork is almost ready, left the final step.


In some cases, nothing to cut and do not need. An even pompom on the fork can turn out without it, it all depends on the yarn used, the density of the winding and, of course, on the experience. If you need to make a few balls, you will notice that each time they are getting more beautiful and even.

But sometimes protruding strands need to be trimmed. Cut them, giving the pompon the shape of an even ball.

Knowing how to make a pompom on a fork, and a little practice, you will be able to spend a little time on this creative process.

Small pom-poms for decoration

How to use small pom-poms? The range of application is quite wide. You can decorate them with gift wrapping, interior items (organizer for office supplies, curtain racks, decorative pillows), hair clips and hair bands and much more.


Such decorations on clothes look very beautiful. You can make a pompom from threads on a fork to sew it to a children's cap or jacket. And a few monochrome or multicolored pompoms can decorate a voluminous scarf or bag.

In short, making a pompom on a fork can be done easily and quickly, and it is used for a huge variety of design tasks.

Simple toys from pompoms

Very like soft fluffy balls and children. You can simply pour them into a box and offer the baby to sort by colors. This game is not only fascinating, but also useful - it helps to remember the main colors and develops the fine motor skills of small fingers. Many children enjoy playing with fluffy multi-colored balls.


A handful of pompoms can be gathered on a long string and make a caterpillar. Long mustaches and eyes on the "head" will give it a resemblance to the present.

For older children from pompoms you can dotoys with small parts. Yellow balls are the ready basis for chickens. Simply glue them with paws from an ornamental wire, make eyes and beaks of strong cardboard.

By the same principle, it is possible to collect together with the child hares, bears, cats and other animals for a toy zoo or a farm.

Before making a pompom on a fork,calculate, what load it is going to have. If it will be used only for decor, you can tie it with the same yarn, and if for children's games, it is better to use not yarn, but something more dense, for example a silk cord. Do not worry, in the finished work it will not be visible at all.

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