How to make hair removal?

Epilation - not the most pleasant cosmeticprocedure, so many women are puzzled by how to make it as easy as possible. There are many ways to do hair removal, so it's important to read them and choose the best method for yourself.


The most popular device for home hair removal,is a depilatory. This small electric machine allows you to quickly remove excess hairs from any part of the body. The depilator attracts by its accessibility and ease of use, since there is no need to have any special skills for using the depilatory.

However, this is a very painful procedure,which is impossible to get used to. Manufacturers today offer depilatories, complete with various massagers or cooling pads, which supposedly facilitate the procedure, although, in fact, there is no effect from them. Regardless of whether you know how to properly make hair removal, or not, the procedure will be very unpleasant.

Depilatory cream

In the cosmetic shop you can be offeredUse a depilatory cream to get rid of excess vegetation on the body. Creams also exist for different types of skin and body areas, so picking the best option is not so difficult.

Use this cream is very simple: it is simply applied to the skin and washed off, or removed with a special stick after a while. Depilatory cream helps to slow down hair growth, but its negative effect on the skin makes it not the best choice for epilation.


Wax epilation won the confidence of manywomen, because it is suitable for almost everyone. Unlike the depilator, although the first procedures can be very unpleasant, the discomfort decreases with time. A long result is another plus of wax epilation.

To make the procedure as simple as possible,You need to know how to properly do hair removal with wax. The procedure is very simple: the wax needs to be warmed up and applied to a small area of ​​the skin, after which, from above, press a special strip. A sharp movement of her rip off against the growth of hair.


Shaving is the fastest and painless way to remove unwanted hair. The main thing in this procedure is to use special gels or foams, as well as modern machines.

Unfortunately, this procedure gives too short-term effect and, literally, the next day you need to repeat it.


Women, puzzled by how rightdo epilation of the bikini zone, sooner or later come to the shugaring. This procedure is suitable for other areas of the body, although it is not very good for the face and armpits.

Prepare a mixture for sludge is very simple: three tablespoons of water must be heated, then pour out four tablespoons of sugar and stir until the sugar dissolves. To the mixture you need to add a little lemon juice and keep on the fire until it darkens, and does not start to smell caramel. After that, it is applied to the feet, and a strip for depilation is topped. When the mixture slightly hardens, pull the strip against the growth of the hair.

Irritation after epilation

After any method of hair removal, women are concerned about irritation, which is not always easy to combat. Although the basic tips are reduced to the use of a cream or lotion, they almost do not help.

Cosmetologists recommend to use for removalirritations: tea oil, a few drops of which, mixed with any vegetable oil. This mixture needs to be lubricated with the pro- peeled areas. Also, quick relief brings the rubbing of the skin cut along the leaf of aloe. Many people are helped by the usual baby powder, which quickly removes all traces of irritation.

One of the simplest ways to removeirritation is the disinfection of the skin by any means, for example, "Chlorhexidine", after which it is smeared with baby cream. Do not use alcohol for this, since it can only increase discomfort.

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