How to paint flowers

June 15, 2012

How to paint flowersIn order to give the roses or carnations an unusual shade, you can paint the flowers. To do this, you can use different methods, for example, put flowers in containers with tinted water, paint them with a spray bottle and create special growing conditions. As a result, you can get blue, green and even black flowers. Usually flower shops are engaged in it, wishing to attract the client, breeders or those people who like to make unusual gifts.

Even at home you can paint any flower in any color. This can be done in different ways. For example, using tinted water. This method is based on the fact that water penetrates plants from the soil through roots and root hairs. From there, it spreads throughout the rest of the flower - the stem, leaves and petals. Along with water, various mineral substances are distributed along the aerial part of the plant.

Although live flowers sold in flower shops are devoid of roots, they also have the ability to absorb water.This process is called transpiration (evaporation of water by the plant). The main tool of this process is the leaves of the plant, which protects them from overheating - as water is lost in the leaves, sucking force occurs, which ensures the flow of water from the root system to the above-ground part to provide the whole plant with the necessary organic and mineral substances. This explains why flowers without roots remain alive for a certain period of time if they are put in a vase of water.

Using this method, you can paint any flowers in the desired shade. The result will delight you or the one to whom you are preparing such an unusual gift. You can engage in coloring with children - they will be interested to know why the rose or chamomile changes its color, and they will be delighted with the unusual color of the plant.

How to paint flowers

How to paint flowersNot all flowers are suitable as a working material. Chamomile, roses, carnations, tulips, chrysanthemums and dahlias are best to be painted. A brighter and more saturated color can be obtained on white and cream shades - they can be painted in almost any color.

For dyeing, we need: the actual flowers, food dyes (you can take a few colors), sharp scissors or a knife, water and a glass container (jar or vase).

  1. Dilute each food dye in a separate container. If there are few dyes, then you can experiment with the creation of new colors. For example, mixing yellow and blue will give green, and red with yellow will give orange.
  2. While the dyes dissolve, you need to cut the stems of flowers. A sharp knife or clippers cut the stem at an oblique angle. It is important not to damage the stem and skin.
  3. Place one flower in each container with dyes and leave them for at least 8 hours. In general, it is believed that 20 hours are necessary for complete coloring - it is during this time that the dyes will be completely absorbed into the petals. If the time of ink absorption is reduced, then a lighter shade can be obtained. The same can be achieved if the solution with the dye is made less saturated. The more the flower is in the tinted water and the more concentrated the solution, the brighter and more saturated the color is.
  4. In order to make multicolored petals at a flower, it is necessary to split the stem down 5-10 centimeters up and place each part of the stem in a dish with dyes of different colors.You can also make a two-color flower and in the following way - one day hold a rose or chamomile in a dye of the same color, and transfer it to a container with another dye next day. Some craftsmen through the variation of these methods achieve stunning and unusual results, such as striped flowers or with a beautiful color gradient.

Coloring Tips

  • Best painted fresh flowers.
  • If a two-color method of dyeing is used and the flower is transferred from one container to another, then during this it is necessary to close the cut with a finger so that air does not get inside.
  • When painting, it is better to lower the stem into the water immediately after cutting, in this case the color is bright and intense.
  • Store colored flowers better at room temperature.

Other Coloring Techniques

  • How to paint flowers
  • According to some information, the famous German poet Goethe grew blue roses in a greenhouse with blue glasses. The breeders decided to repeat this method and they really turned out to have bluish-colored flowers.
  • For dyeing white flowers, you can use a solution of fuchsin and potash. The rose or dahlia are first released into the first substance, and then into the second and the petals are painted in a soft blue tint.You can also make white roses bright blue, if you regularly water the land near the bush with roses of cobalt acid.
  • In order to make a flower with green petals, you can spend a simple experiment. Take any blue flower (forget-me-not or violet, for example) and hold it over a lit cigarette or a cigarette. After a short time, the blue of the forget-me-not will change to green. This is explained by the fact that tobacco smoke contains ammonium carbonate, which causes an alkaline reaction. It penetrates the inside of the flower petals and turns the blue tint into greenish.
  • Purple flowers can be repainted in bright scarlet. To do this, they are immersed in a weak solution of sulfuric acid. It must be very diluted so that the flowers do not get damaged.
  • White roses are often painted in a bright shade, but it turns out that it can be done and vice versa. To do this, use anthocyanins, which discolor under the action of sulfur dioxide. The red rose is placed in an airtight container with a glowing piece of sulfur. After a few minutes, the petals of the flower should begin to turn pale and, eventually, turn white. Interestingly, after a long time, the rose will turn red again.The same experiment can be done with violets, asters and gladioli - those colors that contain anthocyanin.

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