How to prepare a salad of seaweed

People who are worried about their health,prefer to eat only those foods that are rich in vitamins and other beneficial substances. To such with full confidence can be attributed sea kale. It is the best source of nutrients. In addition, its use cleanses the body of harmful toxins. The easiest way to prepare it is a salad of sea kale. And since, this product can be called dietary, it is successfully used for weight loss. So, I'll tell you how to prepare salads with sea kale.

To start a dish that lovers will likeKorean cuisine. Take the dried sea kale (100-150 grams) and cut it into long strips. It's easy to do with scissors or a knife. Then it is necessary to rinse it very carefully under running water to wash away unnecessary debris. After that, we spread the cabbage into a container and fill it with cold water for about three minutes. It will be enough to make it a little swollen. Next, drain the liquid and add seasoning. You can use the prepared seasoning for Korean carrots. Also add cedar oil, soy sauce and onions. Then grind a few cloves of garlic and pour it into the salad. If you want to give the salad a slight acidity, then at will you can pour in a little apple cider vinegar. We mix everything well and serve it to the table. Such a salad of sea kale is done quickly and simply.

Another recipe for a simple meal.If you use dried cabbage, then do not forget to pre-soak it in water. You can take canned cabbage, this will shorten the cooking time. Take a can of cabbage (200 grams) and put it in a salad bowl. There we also add half a can of sweet corn (100-150 grams). Then you need to finely chop the crab sticks (150 grams) and also add them to the salad. Pre-boil two chicken eggs and cut them into small cubes. We pour the eggs into the salad bowl. It only remains to add pepper and salt to taste. Then fill the seaweed salad with the egg with any mayonnaise. It's very simple, especially if you take canned cabbage for cooking.

In order to cook more refineddish, you can use squid. They should be boiled in advance or taken canned, about 200 grams. We cut them with straws and put them into a salad bowl. Sea kale (150 grams) should also be cut into smaller pieces and added to squid. There we cut a fresh cucumber and boiled eggs. To make a salad of sea kale turned beautiful, it's better if everything is cut into strips. Spices and salt can be added as desired. All together with mayonnaise or vegetable oil. The choice depends on your preferences. Fast, but very tasty salad is ready.

To sea kale you can add anyingredients and prepare your own original dishes. Take the sea cabbage (200 grams) and connect it with the egg, cucumber and radish. All must be cut with any pieces. Then we tear a few leaves of lettuce and cut the greens. Add them to the rest of the ingredients. After this, you need to add a salad of sea kale with green onions, cut very finely, and passed through the garlic press. As a dressing, we use mayonnaise.

To make a salad more nutritious you needadd boiled meat to it. Take for this beef (200 grams) and cut it into strips. We connect with sea kale (150 grams). There you also need to add a little sauerkraut, pickled cucumber, boiled egg and a little pickled cowberry. We put greens at will. All the salt and sprinkle with any pepper. We fill the salad with mayonnaise.

As you can see, prepare a salad of sea kaleit's quite simple. Ingredients used in such salads are always at hand. But simultaneously with the simplicity of cooking, this salad is distinguished by a large set of vitamins and nutrients.

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