How to properly arrange furniture

Let's start with the question: why did people decide to think about how to arrange furniture in the house? Each family living in a new building or simply making a permutation, trying to do such a delicate matter, is trying to create comfort and spiritual harmony. After all, when there is harmony, then there are no scandals in the family, and there is no negative energy either. The point is that with the correct arrangement of furniture in Feng Shui so to speak, that very positive energy and a good aura is created. The fact is that feng shui from Chinese is translated as rubbed and water, these are two elements that are able to both create and destroy, in other words, they can freely control the energy of chi. Learn more at

So in this article it is very important to know exactly how to arrange the furniture so that the work was for the good.

First of all, it should be noted that qi loves free space and unhindered, which means that it is not worth overloading the room with furniture, then it will be difficult to achieve a good result. This was just the first rule.It is also advisable to forget the next step, it is focused on sharp corners, which in some way can suppress the energy of qi, and just as the above rule will be incorrect. Try to have at least some sharp corners. But it is worth remembering that a large number and round lines can violate the equality of the elements. The result of the exceeded rate of round lines, guests will not know, they will become too concerned about financial problems for the most part, and will also seem to be vile.

A great way to defuse the atmosphere and saturation of qi energy, are built-in furniture along the wall (wardrobes, wardrobe).

Checkmate will put legs in the bottom of the closet or wardrobe in this energy industry. Then qi will be very harmoniously cycling around the room and you will feel a charge of cheerfulness and positive.
In no way in your house should not be a large closet with a mirror, and even standing in front of the stairs or doors, because it can cause great distress. Risk in this case is not worth it. And for what? Now, a little about the technology in the house, for example, to take a TV, then it should not be put on the screen to the window or to the door, so as not to destroy the energy flow. As for chairs and armchairs, it is better to put them on the contrary, with a seat to the window or doors.Thus, the movement of qi will not slow down. By the way, experts in Feng Shui argue that the best options for chairs and chairs is better to choose with high backs and armrests.
When you get a bedside table, you need to pay attention to the fact that it was on a level with a sofa or bed, so that the energy of qi could sneak up on you and “give you” a good sleep. The bed itself put a headboard to the wall, but not opposite the door, otherwise nothing.
Everyone knows that fire and water are two elements that did not get along together, so when you do a kitchen shift, it’s best to separate the refrigerator from the sink with some kind of nightstand. There were no problems. Well, what can we say about antiques, they absorb the good and bad energetics most strongly, and by drawing a conclusion from this, you can understand that if this thing is left of your ancestors who have lived a happy life, then you can safely put this thing in an invisible place , but if on the contrary, it is better to avoid it and not to show it at all.
And most importantly, we will add at the end, when arranging furniture according to Feng Shui, it is recommended not to make dark corners, and it is best to occupy them with something.This is all that could tell you the most important thing. Successfully and harmoniously about you to get settled).

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