How to remove black hair color?

All women fromtime change the color of their hair, repainting something in a brunette, then in a blonde. However, there are situations when a new color is not to the face. Especially often this happens with black shades. And then the ladies are wondering how to bring out the black color of the hair? And is it possible to do this? You can get rid of black color, for this you can even choose the most suitable method.

Special washing

The most effective way to wash off black colorhair - this is to apply a special wash of chemical paint. You can find one that does not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. The washing acts on the hair in the following way: it penetrates into the hair, flushes out its artificial color pigments from the structure, without affecting the natural pigment. It is worth noting that the washing does not severely damage the hair, but due to the fact that after the washing out of the hair, voids form in the hair, they may appear weaker and thinner. Often, after the procedure for rinsing the color, the color is repainted in the required color. If you do not want to spend money on the salon, then the washing procedure can be done at home, but this is quite difficult, since the product can be applied to the hair a maximum of 5 times. Also, the washing off of the composition from the hair differs from ordinary washing, since strands of hair should be stretched along the length for washing out more of the paint.

Hot oil masks

Wondering how to wash off the black hair color,you can refer to hot oil masks, which need to be done several times a week, eventually the color will soon become lighter in several tones. Oil masks return hair to its natural color, drawing an artificial color from the hair structure. For these masks, you can take burdock, almond, linseed, olive oil. Any of the above oils should be heated in a water bath and applied hot on unwashed hair. After that, the head should be wrapped with a towel and from time to time to warm it up on the battery. It is recommended to keep the mask on your hair for at least an hour, and preferably all night. It is worth noting that oil masks, not only help get rid of the black color, but also improve the appearance of the hair, make them fluffy, soft, shiny.

Masks from yogurt and mayonnaise

You can also remove the dark color from the hair with the help of"home" means. It is necessary to apply a mask from mayonnaise or kefir several times a week. In addition, these masks have a beneficial effect on the hair and gradually brighten the dyed dark color. The effect of these masks is not instantaneous, but with regular application the result will be noticeable. The mask should be applied to the hair for an hour, warming with a towel. After washing, the hair can be rinsed with water with lemon juice, which also lightens the hair lightly, giving them shine.

We decolorize with white henna

In order to get rid of the black color, you candiscolor them with "White Henna". This method is mistakenly considered harmless, but it is far from being so. "White Henna" is essentially a chemical blondoran, the use of which will only ruin your hair. Do not confuse white henna with colorless!

Mask with hydrogen peroxide

In addition, you can try the following mask: mix 2 teaspoons of green clay, 1 teaspoon of a mixture of 6 drops of ammonia and 20% hydrogen peroxide. After this, apply the mixture on the head for 5-10 minutes. After this time all should be washed off with warm water.

Now you know how to remove black hair color. Look after your hair and be beautiful.

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