How to restore a tooth?

Teeth can be destroyed in a variety of waysreasons - lack of proper care, neglected caries, injuries, chipped, increased abrasion of tooth enamel, all this can lead to the fact that the tooth begins to deteriorate.

If you went on time to the dentist, and carieshad not yet had a powerful destructive effect on your tooth, the dentist therapist will simply fill the carious cavity with filling material and your tooth will be completely restored. In the case when the process of destruction has gone deeper, you will need the help of a dentist - an orthopedist who knows how to restore teeth, almost completely destroyed, and even those that left only roots. Partially broken teeth are usually restored with pin seals, veneers or dental tabs. Let's talk about each of these ways in more detail.

The seal reinforced with a pin

In cases where the caries has already penetrated very deeplyinside the tooth, you have to drill a hollow and remove the nerve. But if the tooth itself is still quite strong, with thick outer walls, the doctor can restore it by the simplest and most accessible method - to put a seal for strength reinforced with a special pin. Such a pin made of fiberglass or titanium enters deep into the tooth channel and firmly holds the seal in place, being, in fact, a kind of fittings for the filling material.


Veneers are thin porcelain plates thatsuperimposed on the pre-treated front surface of the tooth and fixed on it with self-curing super strength dental cement. The full name of this method is translated from Latin as "porcelain veneer". The use of veneers is useful for the removal of cosmetic defects in the front teeth: such as chipping, abrasion, darkening or discoloration of tooth enamel.

Tooth tabs

Dental tabs are used in the same cases asand the seals on the pins. They cover a vast carious cavity and thereby restore the anatomical shape of the tooth. As a starting material for such inserts, noble metals and their alloys, ceramics and composite synthetic resins are used. Tabs can be used not only independently, but also as an additional aid when installing dental crowns.

Before that, we talked about the restoration of damaged,but still preserved teeth. And is it possible to restore a tooth that is badly destroyed or almost completely lost? Yes! Modern medicine has in its arsenal quite a lot of methods that allow to recreate the tooth literally on the "level ground". We list only the most popular and effective of them.


They are used to strengthen the remaining rootparts of the tooth and the restoration of the lost tooth on their basis. The method consists in creating an artificial stump with a pin, which is fixed in the canal of the tooth root on phosphate cement, and crowns, which are worn on top of the stump.

Dental crowns

The tooth crown is made of metal,cermet or porcelain non-removable prosthesis, which allows you to completely restore the shape of the tooth and resume its performance. Before you restore the teeth with the help of crowns, they must be prepared in a special way.

The dentist sharpens the tooth, taking about onemillimeter of tooth enamel, and forms a cone-shaped stump, on which a crown, made according to a special model, individual for each patient, will be worn in the future. If the tooth is badly damaged before installing the crown, it is additionally strengthened with a seal with a pin or dental insert - we have already told you about them.

The most popular crowns at the moment -metal-ceramic. They consist of an internal metal frame and an outer ceramic layer. These crowns are optimal in terms of price and quality, very strong and at the same time aesthetic.

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