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From this master class you will learn how to sew a beautiful and comfortable bag of old jeans with your own hands. We have prepared step-by-step instructions for you with photos, patterns of details of the bag with dimensions and useful tips. The lesson is quite simple - even beginners can master it.

bag of jeans
We have already told you what patchwork is. We advise you to look at our material about this technique and examples of its performance (variants with sewing tacks or blankets). We will also sew a bag of jeans using patches. Please note that several types of fabric are involved in this master class, but you can only use jeans. At the same time, all the same, combine patches using the patchwork technique to make it more beautiful.

What do we need?

  • old jeans
  • any exterior fabric
  • interior fabric
  • soft bottom fabric
  • leather rope
  • button

In this master class, all sizes are shown directly on the photos: your jeans bag may be larger or smaller, so change them to fit your needs.When varying one size or another, the proportions indicated in the lesson do not have to be observed.

How to sew a bag?

The first step is to prepare a pattern of jeans. Cut out 12 patches of size 10 × 10. Six of them can be denim, six - from another thick fabric, but you can sew a handbag and only jeans.

We connect among themselves the first three shreds. Along the edges smooth our patches so as to mark the seam allowances. Sew the parts.

jeans bag pattern

Repeat the same procedure with three other details. Please note that we sew denim fabric in a checkerboard pattern so that the bag looks more original. Two patchwork strips need to be stitched together. In the right corner in the photo you will see how the blank looks from the wrong side. The resulting detail dimensions are indicated in the illustration.

jeans bag pattern

We take a soft fabric that will be the bottom of our crafts and any simple fabric for interior decoration for our future bag of old jeans. Make a markup on the pattern - as shown in the photo. We connect two patterns with English pins. Then you need to sew the fabric along the marked lines. The seam has not only a “fastening” function, but also a decorative one, so you can use thick bright threads.

jeans bag pattern

Sew three pieces together.Take a look at the photo, what should be the final version of the details. If desired, the central part can also be made of jeans, so that the bag is more “uniform”.

jeans bag pattern

Let us take interior trim bags. Her pattern looks like - it should be a little bit smaller. Immediately add a seal to the place where the button will be attached. Sew a pocket of jeans into the inside of the future bag - a small separation won't hurt you.

jeans bag pattern

Sew the inner and outer parts of the bag to each other from the wrong side, and then along the edges. Wrenched.

bag of jeans

Then we connect the upper part. At the same time, it is necessary to immediately sew belt loops on both sides.

jeans bag pattern

Tie a leather cord or a ready-made belt. If you wish, you can sew a strap for a bag of all the same jeans - just prepare the tape of the desired length, fold the two parts inward, and then in half and sew.

bag of jeans

Accessory ready! You can sew this bag entirely of jeans or dilute it with an interesting decorative fabric - in any case, it will not lose its beauty. Try to combine large or small patches of fabric, make a “checkerboard” not from six, but from 12 squares, or invent something else.

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