How to use the water heater correctly: instructions for use of flow and storage units

Large equipment and compact devices for water heating are actively involved in the formation of comfortable conditions. Few citizens know how to use the water heater, because their apartments are connected to centralized hot water supply. However, if you have to live in a Khrushchev or in the country, information about the operation of complex units will be extremely useful, agree?

With us you will receive informed answers to all questions arising from the use of devices. The author of the article proposed by us in detail reveals the topic of water heaters, denoting their types and design features.

Details set out the installation and the rules of competent operation. Designated technological subtleties and nuances of care.To facilitate the perception of information supplemented by photos, diagrams and video tutorials.

Characteristics of flow and storage units

All water heaters on the principle of water heating are divided into flow and storage models. Often the same company supplies those and other options to the market, and the buyer already has the right to choose what exactly he needs.

Storage devices are equipped with a capacity of a certain volume into which water is drawn. After filling the useful volume of the device, it begins to heat up with special heating elements designed for this purpose to the temperature specified by the user in the settings.

Water heater models
Models offered in stores, allow you to choose the optimal set of functions for a reasonable price. The main thing to decide in advance what is best for a particular house / apartment

The reservoir of such heaters is necessarily insulated, which contributes to the long-term preservation of the temperature of the water inside. Its volume can be from 10 to 300 and more liters. Manufacturers provide demand for overall devices that can meet the needs for heating water for a large family.

10 liters storage heater
The accumulative heater of 10 liters can be placed in any convenient place. For example, under the sink

The larger the volume of the storage device, the more space will be required for its placement in a house or apartment. This fact must be taken into account.

The second type of domestic water heaters is flow through. They differ significantly from accumulative - they do not have a reservoir for collecting a certain volume of liquid. Flow models heat the water coming from the water pipe immediately after opening the tap. Visually, these models are much smaller and mounted near the crane.

Variety of instantaneous water heaters
A variety of instantaneous water heaters is a special tap. It requires not a lot of electricity and can be a real boon to give.

Depending on the fuel consumed, most often accumulative and flow-through devices are:

  • gas;
  • electric.

The first have a large initial cost, but pay off in 2 years. The second ones are initially 2-3 times cheaper, but through the high price of electricity, for the third year of use, they cost more for their owner. Such dependence is fair with constant use.

Heater Flow Models
Flow models of heaters can be equipped with kitchen spout, shower head. They are mounted near the faucet to avoid large heat losses.

If we are talking about a seasonal stay in the country and the use of small amounts of warm water, then the potential buyer will be able to use the electrical option just right. After all, electricity is supplied to many dacha plots, and as for gas, the situation with its availability can be worse. Yes, and with rare use of the device, it consumes very little electricity.

Instructions and good advice

Regardless of the type of purchased device for heating water, it is necessary to handle it carefully and use it for its intended purpose. Moreover, the features of operation of all similar models are similar, but there are fundamental differences. In order not to harm the expensive device with your ignorance, it is better to read in the instruction how to use a particular model of water heater correctly.

# 1: Subtleties of operation of flow units

Differences in appearance and design in flow and storage models cause some nuances during operation.Therefore, before using the unit, it is important to carefully study the recommendations specified by the manufacturer.

Instantaneous faucet water heater
The flowing crane the water heater can be used not only at the dacha, but also in the conditions of the city apartment. It is easy to install and connect with your own hands.

The most common requirements that must be met before operating the storage and flow models are as follows:

  • installation of coarse filter;
  • strictly horizontal installation;
  • grounding for electrical appliances.

The horizontal position is checked by the building level. Strict adherence to this rule will help prevent the formation of air congestion. It is also important to consider that there are models that can be installed only horizontally or only vertically. If you ignore this rule, the equipment will not work at best and will simply burn down at worst.

Small models of flow electric heaters
Small models of flow-through electric heaters of vertical design will easily fit into kitchen design. Yes, and a lot of space 10-liter device does not take

There are also models that provide a mounting option for the user's choice - horizontal or vertical.The design features of the device are designed for any position and this will not affect further operation.

Flowing water heaters are produced by many domestic firms. Also on the market you can find a large number of offers from European and Chinese companies. The cost of units depends on the following factors:

  • brand awareness and reputation;
  • the quality of materials used in production;
  • additional equipment capabilities;
  • mechanical or electronic control type;
  • complete set of the device.

Regardless of the brand and the cost of the purchased equipment, the buyer must have the manufacturer's manual and warranty card in which the seller marked the date of purchase and assured it with his seal. Without these documents, a quality product does not buy. All bona fide companies must complete their instruments with this document.

Parts and materials included
Often in the instructions for the equipment you can meet the requirement of the manufacturer to use only the parts and materials included in the kit. Otherwise, the user loses warranty service.

Flowing devices are mechanically and electronically controlled. The first option is more reliable. The price of such units below. The second option is more expensive and can have many additional features, including control of switching on and changing the temperature mode through SMS commands.

Features of operation of a specific model of the heater are given in the instructions. Among the gas and electric options, consumers most often prefer the latter. This is due to their greater security, ease of installation and the ability to not coordinate installation work with special services.

In the case of buying a gas flow-through water heater, one must not only invite a qualified specialist who has permission to install gas equipment, but also obtain permission from the relevant authority for installation. In the future, it is imperative to call the master to regularly monitor the state of the gas device.

Devices with mechanical control
Devices with mechanical control easier. They break less often than electronic control equipment.

The basic rules for the use of water heaters are repeated in mostmanufacturers flow devices. The most important thing is not to include faulty equipment with signs of damage. If the heater has fallen off the wall and something has broken off from it, in no case should it be used without a prior inspection by a specialist.

When the equipment is properly installed and connected by the master, the owner can adjust the heating temperature at his discretion. To do this, you can use special buttons if they are provided for a specific model. In some appliances, the temperature is controlled by the hot water faucet itself on the mixer when the flow rate changes.

Operation of water heaters is allowed only to persons with legal capacity. Children cannot turn on equipment themselves without adult supervision. Water it or you can not drop it. All outlet openings located on the instrument must not be blocked. This may cause damage.

The use of a flowing water heater is possible only when the air temperature in the room is not lower than 0 degrees. Especially this rule is relevant for villas and cottages with periodic visits. When useless, the device should be removed, after disconnecting from the network and draining the remaining water. Then it should be placed in storage in a warm room.

Faucet water heater
Frost will damage the individual elements of the device, which will reflect problems in the performance of functions. This case is not a warranty, so the consumer will have to make repairs at his own expense.

To use the instantaneous water heater, it is enough to adjust the desired water temperature once. In the future, the owner will simply open the faucet of this heater and use warm water at any time of the day. The correct use of the shower head and spout is included with the appliance.

It makes no sense every day to turn on / off the plug if you need to wash your hands. Disconnect the flow model from the network is necessary only with a long absence.

With the features of the operation of instantaneous water heating equipment will acquaint the photo collection:

Image Gallery
Photos of
Gas flow water heater
Gas flow water heater
Regular airing of the room
Regular airing of the room
Check ventilation status
Check ventilation status
Reducing short-term activation
Reducing short-term activation
Location relative to the gas stove
Location relative to the gas stove
Distance between mixer and column
Distance between mixer and column
Check the status of pipes and connections
Check the status of pipes and connections
Maintenance of a geyser
Maintenance of a geyser

# 2: Rules for using storage devices

Cumulative models of water heaters can be both very small and quite large. In the first case, a tank of 10 liters. Such equipment is convenient to install in the kitchen under / above the sink. Overall models are hung on the wall or mounted in the floor. It all depends on the weight of the filled unit and the condition of the wall in the room where it is supposed to be connected.

Storage water heaters of vertical type
Accumulative water heaters are both horizontal type and vertical. Moreover, this rule applies not only to boilers of small volume.

Many manufacturers offer storage models that require gas or electricity to operate. The first option with the constant use of a family of 5 people lasting 4-5 years will cost the total cost of buying, connecting and paying for gas is 3-4 times cheaper than the electrical option. Although, the cost of the unit itself in stores is about 2.5-3 times cheaper than a gas appliance.

You can only operate the boiler, properly installed and connected to the electricity network. The specialist who carried out all the work is obliged to put a note about this in the warranty card and test the quality of the equipment installation.Without his signature and the seal of the organization, in the event of a breakdown, the warranty cannot be used.

If everything is established by the responsible master, then the owner can begin to operate the water heater. First, it is necessary to inspect the equipment from all sides and make sure that everything is integral, there are no visible damages, the wire with the plug has not melted anywhere and nothing is flowing.

If the visual inspection is successful, you need to fill the boiler or make sure that it is filled. To do this, open the water supply valve to the unit and unscrew the hot water tap. As soon as water starts flowing from the tap, the storage heater is full.

Now it is possible to turn on the device plug in the socket and press the “on” / “on” button on the case. Control and adjustment is carried out with the appropriate buttons. Depending on the model of the equipment, control and adjustment of the desired temperature can be carried out mechanically or by entering appropriate commands on the monitor.

Technical perfection of the device directly affects its cost. In everyday life, most often bought models with the most necessary functions and simple controls.The simpler, the less breakdowns in the future.

Electronically controlled water heaters
In practice, electronically controlled water heaters do not tolerate installation in a bathroom. It is advisable to avoid installation in rooms with high humidity levels.

It is important during operation to comply with all the rules described by the manufacturer in the instructions for a specific device. Also, by no means include a broken heater. If the external condition causes concern or there are traces of melting on the wiring or plug with a socket, be sure to contact the experts.

If the storage unit is the main source of hot water in the house / apartment, then in order to save it, it is not necessary to disconnect it from the outlet. Thanks to the thermostat installed, the device will turn on to heat the water only when necessary. As soon as the water reaches the desired temperature, an automatic shutdown will occur.

Such work allows the most economical use of electricity or gas, if it is a gas water heater. It is advisable to turn off the equipment only in case of a long absence of the owner and all residents of the house, cottage or apartment.

Image Gallery
Photos of
Accumulative water heater in the boiler room
Accumulative water heater in the boiler room
Recommendations for activation
Recommendations for activation
Drain water from the tank for the period of inactivity
Drain water from the tank for the period of inactivity
Water heating device in the bathroom
Water heating device in the bathroom

Care and maintenance features

Both cumulative and flow models need maintenance and periodic maintenance. Trouble-free service equipment can provide:

  • proper operation;
  • care;
  • timely service.

By following the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer of the heater, it is possible to protect the equipment from accidental damage.

Water heater securely mounted on the wall
It is desirable that during the operation the water does not fall on the device, and he himself was securely mounted on the wall

As for the care, all models, without exception, are extremely undemanding. It is enough to periodically wipe contamination from the surface of the device. To do this, a soft cloth or sponge soaked in soapy water will do. It is impossible to water with detergents neither accumulative nor instantaneous water heaters. Also, as necessary, you need to change / clean the coarse filter.

With regard to maintenance, all requirements are clearly indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions for a particular model.If it is gas equipment, then specialists from the relevant service will come to check it. Electric models can be serviced independently, if this option does not contradict the warranty conditions.

Some manufacturers provide for the installation, first start-up of equipment, periodic maintenance and replacement of spare parts to be carried out by a specialist dealer company. He is obliged to put a mark in the warranty card on all the work performed, certifying his signature with the company's seal. Otherwise, the owner of the water heater loses the right to use the warranty certificate if the need arises.

Internal device of the flow heater
Many home craftsmen ignore the warranty and all work on installation, further maintenance and repair is carried out independently. This option costs them much less than calling specialists

Servicing of storage water heaters are most often proposed to be held once a year. Do all the work yourself or invite authorized specialists - it depends on the recommendations of the manufacturer.Do-it-yourself maintenance is often fraught with a loss of warranty.

For cumulative models, the following work will be carried out annually:

  • clear the heating element from scale;
  • remove sediment accumulated in the cavity of the tank;
  • Assess the condition of the magnesium anode and replace it in case of wear.

All work is carried out with the water heater turned off and disconnected from the network. In some cases, if the water is with a large amount of impurities, it is necessary to change the filter more often and remove scale. Magnesium anode may wear faster.

Cleaning the internal space of the storage heater
Clean the internal space of the storage heater should be as the formation of plaque and scale on the walls and the heating element

If the storage unit is installed in the country and during the cold season nobody will use it, then it is imperative to take care of draining the water from the tank. Also, you must not forget before the device is completely disconnected from the power supply.

Maintenance of flow models of water heaters is also carried out as needed. The frequency of these works will become clear during operation. As soon as the water pressure noticeably weakened and scale appeared, it is necessary to clean the individual elements of the device:

  • strainer or coarse filter installed on the water supply;
  • aerator-tab installed in the hole of the tap;
  • tabs installed in the shower head if the appliance is equipped with this element.

To clean the outside and remove the filters is only when the water heater is turned off. If you do not unplug the power cord, you can get an electric shock when removing the coarse filter.

Boiler in the bathroom
For boilers processing pre-treated water, less frequent maintenance may be necessary - once every 2 years.

Ways to solve problems with equipment

In the process of operation of flow and storage heaters of water, certain problems may arise. Most often it is the appearance of an unpleasant smell and mold, flowing from the faucet along with warm water. This situation occurs when a low heating temperature is set at 40 degrees or has not been used for a long time. These are favorable conditions for the development and reproduction of mold and fungi.

To eliminate this problem and not to set the maximum heat, you can choose an economical mode, if such is provided for a specific model. In the settings of the eco mode, the boundary temperature of water is set at 50-55 degrees.

Correct wiring diagram
It is important to use the correct boiler connection scheme recommended by the manufacturer.

Secondly, you can not make a connection to the pipeline with hot water. Depending on the technical characteristics of the device, they are designed to work with water, the temperature of which ranges from 2 to 30 degrees. This is the average range of acceptable values. In a particular model, the boundary values ​​of the temperature of running water can be different, for example, from 5 to 20 degrees.

The third problem is when the running water stops running when the instantaneous water heater is running. One of the reasons - the problem with the pressure of the incoming water. Some models require a special low pressure mixer. If it does not correspond to the technical capabilities of the device, the tripping mechanism is triggered. The heater can resume operation only after normalization of pressure.

Another reason - if the water supply is cut off through the water supply system. Eliminate it is not difficult, you need to resume filing.

Fourth, too hot water can run. This problem in models with an automatic temperature control system indicates its failure and requires an urgent call to a specialist.The flow-through devices will have to increase the flow of water at the inlet or clean the supply pipes.

Specialist equipment maintenance
If the owner values ​​the warranty service of an expensive device, then a specialist should be called in to eliminate any malfunction and annual maintenance.

The fifth problem is too cold water that does not satisfy the wishes of the owner of the water heater. In this case, the thermostat is likely to break in accumulative units. It would not be superfluous to check the temperature setting, because someone from the family members could change the minimum water heating temperature.

For flow-through devices, this problem may indicate power problems. The second option is to increase the heating power.

After the expiration of the service life stipulated by the manufacturer, do not continue to use the equipment. It must be dismantled and recycled. If this is an electrical model, then it is better to cut off the wire that connects to the network. Such a measure will protect against accidental use of the device by third parties.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video clip on the operation of the flow-through device - water heater tap:

Visual video instruction on the inclusion of the storage water heater:

Detailed video about the operation of the Thermex storage unit:

Step-by-step video clip on eliminating the breakdown of the storage water heater, which did not flow, but it stopped heating and the warning light no longer lights up:

Video explanation of the problems encountered in the operation of water heaters and how to eliminate them:

Having bought and installed a water heater, it is important to operate it correctly. Timely care and high-quality maintenance of flow-through and storage devices will help to extend their service life. In order not to lose the warranty service, you should not violate the rules specified by the manufacturer in the instructions for use of a particular device.

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