How to wash the grass?

Quite often it happens that on our clothesthere are spots from the grass. Especially it concerns children's clothes. Our children, playing on the street, often fall on the grass, which leads to the emergence of unpleasantly difficult to wash out green spots. Modern housewives came up with many ways how to wash the grass. The most effective of them we'll talk about in this material.

First of all, if you notice a spot, you need bothyou can quickly remove clothes and wash the green grassy traces. This is suitable for ordinary household soap, which is, perhaps, in every home. Fresh stains from grass, as a rule, are washed off quite easily. If the clothes "stale" in the tank in anticipation of scheduled washing, the dirt is likely to seriously eaten and remove it will be much more difficult.

If the laundry soap does not help and stainrested not want to go, you need to beat the foam from the shavings of soap and add a little ammonia to it. This mixture must be applied to a stained place, wait five minutes, and then to wipe the thing. In addition, a saline solution can be used. To make it, you need a tablespoon of salt and a glass of warm water. The tissue with the stain should be immersed in saline solution for 15 minutes. After this time, the thing needs to be washed. The spot, most likely, will come down.

Continuing the theme of how to wash away stains fromgrass, it should be noted that in particularly difficult cases, you can use a brush. The only thing worth paying attention to the fabric. If it is quite "gentle", the brush can bring more negative than positive.

As for the old stains from the grass, they9% hydrogen peroxide is efficiently removed. As an alternative to the above solutions, acetic-oxalic analogue can also be used. To do this, in a glass of water, you must dilute a teaspoon of 30 percent acetic acid and the same amount of oxalic acid. These substances perfectly discolour the chlorophyll of grass and help get rid of "stale" spots.

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