If anything in life no longer pleases, what should I do? ? Save !!

If anything in life no longer pleases, what should I do? ? Save !!

  1. This may be from coming to wrong conclusions that life, it seems, is meaningless and wrong. The reason for all psychological problems is that a person by nature does not receive all the knowledge necessary for understanding life. Now all the necessary knowledge is known. Here it is. God is not omnipotent above himself. Sexual desire is the will of the body. The meaning of life is that our life needs God. God is not omnipotent above himself, and he needs something.
    Orthodoxy corresponds to the fact that God is not omnipotent above himself. The essence of Orthodoxy is expressed in the Creed. In the Creed, God is called the Almighty. The Almighty is the Almighty over all around you. God is not omnipotent above himself.
  2. God is love. Accordingly, Joy, this is the energy that people feel when they pump spiritual energy through themselves, from the niche - to the higher, the next stage - to thank God the Father ...
  3. Turn to God
  4. Looking for joy! Do not fool around a lot. Do what you want for a long time. .vam know better. Relax.
  5. Go to the Grokklab site (about the grass) (forbidden in the Russian Federation, current through a proxy or VPN) - there you will find meaning.

    You just do not smoke grass, so you get confused. And do not confuse natural hemp with spices or synthetic fibers. Nature will never deceive you!

  6. I support your idea with the monastery.
    but so listen to Ruslan Narashevich's lectures for information.
  7. The psychologist does not help, he can not take off the failures in life .. Find peace in your soul, can only believe in God
  8. It is worth to go to psychologists. About them, see.

    And I also recommend an excerpt from Diane Stein's book about Carme

    Here is an excerpt from this book.

    One of the categories of karma is relationships.
    Our partners from this life lived next to us for a number of incarnations, and our relationships were not always built positively. In every life there are difficult situations, misunderstanding and suffering. All this requires permission. The problem of this or that life can concern not the interrelations themselves, but the traumatic situations of earlier lives.
    Situations such as a tragic death or forced separation, which occurred in a past life, can prevent the establishment of normal relations between partners in this incarnation. They may subconsciously fear a recurrence of the traumatic situation. The cause of difficult marital relations can be treason, misunderstanding and resentment of the distant past. True kinship souls have come a long way from one life to another, where there were many opportunities for both manifestations of love and for overcoming difficulties. It's time to heal the past for a full life in the present and the future.
    Mutual relations with other people (who are not related souls to you) also need healing. This applies to our children, parents, business partners, employees, teachers, friends, relatives and to all those who once harmed us.
    Parents and children, as well as our offenders, give us the main karmic lessons. Since we are reincarnating again and again in groups, changing our roles, our parents from a past life can turn out to be our current children, and those whom we once called our children can act as our teachers, parents and even enemies. The person who offended us in a past life can cause our present troubles. Usually we are connected by a long story with all those people who play an important role (positive or negative) in our present life.
    When there is friction between people, it is important to investigate their root cause ... "

    From myself I want to add that it is already effective to take responsibility for one's own life on oneself and to trust the Supreme Justice. To apologize to Heaven-His Higher Self-and to people (even mentally) with whom the difficult relations in this incarnation and in all previous ones were formed for the incorrect behavior and to thank for the joint life experience. And ask for Higher Help - strength, wisdom, love and the people and circumstances necessary for spiritual growth, in which all the past will be realized, ie, after passing their lessons, and with a new worldview to model the already desired future. - find yourself, qualitatively transform the person, and realize the potential.

  9. From yourself you will not escape anywhere, even in a monastery. It is better to consult a psychologist, preferably, checked.
  10. Sometimes we think that we are making the right decisions, we are doing the right thing, but when we are faced with problems or do not get it the way we wanted, then we are very disappointed. We are looking for advice on how to proceed, how to live further from each other and again face the same "wall". The only one who can really help us is Jehovah God, because He is our Creator and knows best how to help us. He shared with us his advice in the Bible, those who use them live a happier life and are faced with difficulties coping with them, having the support of God. You also have the opportunity to change your life by applying wise advice from the Creator.
  11. "Trying to dig into my thoughts leads only to one conclusion that I'm not like anyone else." - and, what's wrong here? Do you want to be like a herd? Find a warm cozy stall and stupidly chew food? No? In this case, do not justify nagging with loneliness. Your age is definitely a crisis, but the way out of this state is in your hands. "I'm not like everyone else" - so it's fine. In our time, this dignity is not enough, who can boast.
  12. Such states are the result of simple inability to solve pressing problems. It's not about everyday life, but about what's going on inside of you. You just need to understand a few simple things that will help to solve them. To understand is to see that this is the case. 1. A person is happy when what is happening corresponds to his ideas about the good. It is clear that if this correspondence is not there, a person will suffer. Think carefully about these statements - they can explain very much. For example, why you are suffering - you just do not understand what is happening. Therefore, what is happening CAN NOT correspond to your idea. 2. Our emotions create our worldview. Once you created them yourself, and now these are just programs. Your depression is a program, do you understand? You created it yourself, you support it yourself and you can turn it off yourself. All you need is to make sure that you are dealing with the program. Watch her and see for yourself that everything revolves around the same thoughts and circumstances. You can very quickly find out when it is turned on, and when - it is not visible. Remember: you are tormented by something that you do not understand - as soon as you find this explanation, suffering will disappear.
  13. Try nothing for five days. After that, there will be joy from eating. This will be the starting point for a revival.
  14. You are not alone in this world with such feelings, but do not despair. You should fill the spiritual emptiness with spiritual knowledge and deeds. Read the Bible and I advise you to go to the site where you will find answers to your questions, the link is blocked by the decision of the project’s administration. From the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best. Cheer up. 2 Timothy 3: 16-17.
  15. It's simple.
    All that you have imagined for yourself in this life, what you are tuning in, completely at variance with God's craft for you. Find yourself in this sense, and you will have everything. Do not think of psychologists to walk. They will solve your problem purely from a mundane point of view, driving your problem further into the depths!

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