Installation and piping heating boiler do it yourself

The entire work plan associated with the installation of a gas boiler wall type - it is always one of the most important stages in the arrangement of home comfort. Based on the complexity of the planned work and the design features of the heating equipment involved, the connection of all parts takes 1-2 days. At the first stage, the boiler is connected and tied, and on the second day, the auxiliary equipment is mounted - an expansion tank, a pump and a boiler.

Step by step instructions for self-installation of the boiler

Quite often, ordinary citizens are interested in the question, is it possible to equip a wall boiler with their own hands? Experts answer that it is possible, but first you need to study in detail the design of the gas heating system and coordinate the planned work in the state control bodies. Read more about mounting the console and the cost of work

The project documentation always indicates the exact parameters of the boiler and the intended installation location, as well as a detailed diagram of the further functioning of the heating system. It is also important to note that the installation of a gas wall-mounted heating boiler with their own hands must fully comply with the permissible standards specified by the boiler manufacturer.

The order of the installation work is very simple:

  • We are preparing a place for the installation of the heating system in accordance with a certified project, which should be ready by the beginning of the installation work.

But what to do if the project simply does not exist? We carefully study the accompanying passport of the equipment, in which all the installation parameters (distances to windows, walls, floor, etc.) are described in detail

  • Installation work. If you have already dealt with fastening wall shelves and cabinets, then installing the boiler itself will not be difficult.

Initially, you need to tightly attach the bar on the wall, for reliable fixation of the boiler. The required level is always included in the component parts of the boiler, it is attached with anchors. In order for the boiler oars to be level it is necessary to check the horizontal of the intended holes for fixing the anchor bolt;

  • It remains to hang the boiler and you can safely proceed to the next stage of work.

Binding of the wall boiler

Further installation of a wall-mounted heating boiler with your own hands is the stage of work when you need to connect DHW pipes and heating pipes to the boiler. You also need to connect the gas hose to the fittings of the heating system.
The pre-welded piping system must be connected to the boiler using special couplings, on which one side of the coupling is located and the other side is soldered to the base of the pipe.

Regardless of the manufacturer's company, tying a double-circuit wall-mounted heating boiler with your own hands implies the presence of 5 outlets, each of which is connected to the corresponding pipe:

  1. Outlet for hot water plumbing;
  2. Gas pipe;
  3. Pipe for cold water from the pipeline;
  4. Processing, the pipe by which the already cooled coolant is returned back to the boiler from the heating system;
  5. The pipe through which the hot coolant is sent to the heating system.

For each type of equipment, the pipes can be arranged in a different sequence, all the data are registered in the equipment technical data sheet. Please note that all pipes are equipped with ball valves, considering that they may not be visible from the outside.

Specialists designate that the heating of the wall-mounted boiler should be tied with their own hands in accordance with the technical standards of the equipment. It is best to use polypropylene pipes with specialized mounting systems for these purposes.

Separate recommendations for those who decide to install a coaxial boiler: do not tightly fill the free space around the pipe with foam. Since in extreme cold the coaxial pipe can freeze and in order to defrost it quickly, you need to remove the pipe and bring it to a warm place.

How is the chimney at the wall gas boiler

When the boiler is already in place and all the necessary pipes are connected to it, it remains only to connect it to the chimney. Experts always recommend choosing a pipe from sheet steel, but in the case of wall boilers, corrugation may be involved, since the exhaust gases do not have a high temperature (+ 30 / + 40 degrees) and the pipe will not be deformed.

The step-by-step installation of wall-mounted gas heating boilers with their own hands is a very crucial process that even a novice can handle.but you can connect the equipment yourself only to the heating system and water supply, but it is strictly prohibited to connect the gas yourself. Carry out such work can only specialists from the gas service.


Initial start-up of the heating system should be carried out by a certified specialist Previously, he conducts the configuration of the equipment, checks all the connecting nodes of the system. Upon completion of the conducted manipulations and successful commissioning of the heating equipment, the master signs the act.

As a result, the main conclusion can be made: the decision to install heating from a wall-mounted gas boiler with its own hands requires from the contractor a minimum of experience in the construction or sanitary sphere. At some stages of work, without the help of qualified specialists, it is simply not enough, but if you do most of the work yourself, then you will save a good amount from the family budget.

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