Interior hallway. What should be?

June 11, 2018
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The entrance hall is the beginning of your apartment. People are primarily judged by their appearance, as well as with your home. If you moved into a new apartment or are doing repairs in the whole apartment - you need to start from the hallway. Remember this part of the apartment with your friends. Dark room, with clothes, shoes and other stuff. You will probably think: “So what, I'm in it for a couple of minutes to take off my shoes and outerwear.” Of course it is, but what is home for you? This is a cozy nest where you can forget about problems, about work and other trifles. Therefore, it is important that when you cross the threshold, you will immediately get to a quiet and cozy place.

Interior hallway. What should be?

Hallway wall decoration

The decoration for the walls should be beautiful and practical. Light tones will add visual volume. Now there is a huge selection of wallpapers on the market (vinyl, liquid, cork, glass wall paper, photo wallpaper). Do not forget, the types differ in many ways: by price, quality, etc. If you want a creative wallpaper can be replaced - with decorative plaster from the company "Budmax", brick wallstone trim panel. Better if you combine materials. It will be unusual. And everything unusual always attracts. It is from the hallway that the interior of the apartment begins and it will be easier for you to select the tones of the following rooms.

Интерьер прихожей. Каким должен быть?

In addition to the walls, be sure to work out the design of the ceiling, it has a very important role. There are different types of designs more expensive - it is mounted, suspended, slatted, two-level and multi-level ceilings. If you do not have enough money, buy in-line paint, it looks no worse than suspended ceilings. The main thing is to choose a suitable color so that the ceiling does not stand out much in general terms.

Decoration with accessories

Accessories play a big role, complete the walls with a picture, a shelf, a wall clock, a mirror, hang a housekeeper. She will save time searching for keys around the house before leaving the house. And this is a very hot topic, especially if you are somewhere late. Add the right lighting, in this area of ​​the apartment should be very light. Do not be stingy, every person, leaving the house, looks in the mirror, and what will he see when there is little light?

Интерьер прихожей. Каким должен быть?

Think over all the details in advance. Prepare the necessary tools and materials.Imagine, an artist lives in every person, sometimes your ideas and desires are difficult to explain to a professional designer. You will not only save money, but also get a new experience that will come in handy in the future.

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