Is it worth to believe in Vanga's prediction?

Prophecies of this Bulgarian diviner beforeNowadays many people are interested in this, and this is not surprising. Vanga's prediction, in contrast to Nostradamus, who was sensational in his time, usually was always very clear, and therefore it was not necessary to puzzle and guess at what it could mean. It is known that Adolf Hitler himself appealed to her to clarify her future, as well as the Bulgarian Tsar Boris III. However, it happened that Vanga's prediction did not come true. And some people are quite sure that the prophecies of the Bulgarian clairvoyant are a myth specially created by the special services to attract tourists. What, then, is there to believe? Let's try to figure this out together.Vanga prediction

Pros "for"

Let's see what the facts tell us. Vanga's prediction about the day and hour of Stalin's death led to the fact that the seer was sent to prison, but after this prophecy was fulfilled, she was released. Once, Vanga said that Kursk would be under water, and the whole world would be mourning this tragedy. At the time, nobody took these words seriously: there is no ocean or sea near this city. And when in 2000 the nuclear submarine named "Kursk" sank, taking 118 crew members into the abyss, they remembered this prophecy and once again marveled at the gift of the clairvoyant.the prediction of a war vangIt is widely known yet another prediction of Vanga -the seer said roughly the following: the American brothers will be pecked by iron birds and will fall. In September 2001, a terrible terrorist attack occurred in New York, which resulted in the collapse of two twin towers. And there are a lot of such examples.

Cons "against"

Skeptics claim that the information of Vangesimply "poured" agents of the Bulgarian special services. Allegedly, the imaginary "seer" received information from taxi drivers and maid hotels. Well, considering the fact that the prophetess brought about $ 100 million to the treasury of his country, it is quite possible to agree that the special service was interested in the influx of tourists. However, the question arises: how could Vanga learn about her guests such details, about which they themselves did not remember anything? Such cases occurred all the time. For example, Sergei Mikhalkov, Vanga recalled her sister, who died at the age of 5, and Tikhonov - about the clock that he was going to buy in memory of Gagarin. Could this be learned by maids or taxi drivers? It is unlikely. And if you consider that famous people are unlikely to share their problems with drivers (the status is affected), then this version raises great doubts.

Further skeptics state that the price for the reception wasbig, and Vanga made her fortune on this one. However, this point of view does not hold water at all: indeed, the entry fee for local people was equal to 10 levs (about 20 euros), and for foreigners it was 50 dollars. But at the same time, almost all receipts for admission came to a special fund and to the city treasury. The healer herself lived in a small two-story house in Petrich, whose area did not exceed 100 sq.m. The rooms in this building were 10-15 meters long. The salary of the seer, which she received from the Institute of Suggestology under the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, was small. The question is, why did Vanga need to deceive people if she really did such things?Vanga predictions for 2013

Unknown prophecies

The Bulgarian visionary talked about the futuremost interesting things. Some of them make you think. Take, for example, Vanga's prediction about the war in Syria. I think many will be interested to know what the clairvoyant who died on this matter said about this in 1996. One day she was asked when people would start using the oldest knowledge. She replied that such a time would not come soon, since Syria had not yet fallen. There will come a time, and this country will collapse to the feet of the winner, however it will not be the one whom they expect to see. Thus, it is not clear who will prevail in the current confrontation and what will follow the denouement of this conflict.

Vanga's predictions for 2013 speak of heavytests, natural disasters in the form of earthquakes and tsunamis, as well as military actions involving the use of weapons of mass destruction and a strong political crisis. However, in her forecasts, not everything is so bad - the Bulgarian clairvoyant prophesied that in 2013 mankind will learn to defeat cancer, and in the territory of Russia there will be a doctrine through which mankind will be able to rethink its existence and be saved. Believe it or not - you will have to decide.

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