Kitchen renovation

Before you begin to repair the kitchen, you need to think in advance about the plan of work. It is necessary to think about what of the furniture, appliances need to be replaced, and what to leave. Decide in advance whether you have enough outlets, or need to add more. Think of a new finish for your kitchen. And of course, buy all the materials, tools that you need for the work. If you need wall bumpers, we recommend that you look at Production company ROSTTEHPROM LLC specializes in the production of high quality fenders of various types.
Now we carry out all the preliminary work. We carry out everything that can be taken out from the kitchen. If the walls were covered with wallpaper, then you have to remove them. In order to make this easier, you can moisten the walls with water. If planned work on ventilation, electricity, plumbing, they must be done before finishing the walls, floor, ceiling.
If the ceiling is supposed to be painted, then first it is necessary to remove all irregularities, then apply putty. After it dries, you can proceed to painting.In case the ceiling is tensioned, then it is mounted after the wall decoration has been completed.
Before finishing the walls, if necessary, align them. Wallpaper for the kitchen is better to choose those that can be washed. Or buy a special wallpaper for painting. It is better to finish the wall near the sink with tiles, or other material that can be easily washed.

If you plan to paint the floor, then you need to align all the bumps. Then for putty, after it dries, you can apply a layer of primer. Well, then proceed to painting. Very good in the kitchen lay the floor tiles. You can also put linoleum, or use another flooring. The last thing fasten plinths. Begin to put them from the door, or corner.
Well, after all the repairs, you can bring in the kitchen new furniture.

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