The refusal of the Putin system from the dollar, even in theory, is impossible! paper dollar is the foundation of Putinism. The United States has already pulled over the edge of the foundation and Putin's house of cards began to stagger.
What I am very sure about, under the sauce of giving up the dollar, they want to delimit it for ordinary citizens. I have already read an article in which it is told that citizens were holding about 130 lard bucks in the corners and stockings with mattresses.
Apparently the idea is simple. Forcing citizens to simply give their stash to the bourgeoisie. I think that the bourgeoisie in general plans to confiscate this money from the population, partly for the species will be bought for a pittance after the dollar is banned in the Russian Federation.
Petrodollars in general will not come to the treasury even for the species, and will be redistributed to offshore accounts in the west. I think that this is not because of sanctions at all, it is part of a large plan for the redistribution of property in Russia and the sanctions simply became a convenient occasion. The bourgeoisie, as I understood it, has long believed that all the money in the country belongs to them.After the "rejection of the dollar," most likely will follow attempts to completely get rid of cash rubles, transferring the people to the "world" cards. Many believe that this type is not soon anymore ... but I think that the government is dreaming about it very much ...

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Interestingly, on whom will Zhidostan be placed in the open when the F-35 is smoked?
The United States will not say exactly thanks when the F-117, also "invisible", was shot down in Yugoslavia, with a rocket age of 40 years, then the entire F-117 program in 540 lards covered with a copper basin.
If at least one F-35 is shot down in Syria, or even he falls (the media immediately reports that he was shot down), the US order book for the F-35 will instantly become empty. No one will need a plane for 120 million dollars that can be shot down by the air defense system of the 80s.

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