LCD "City on the river Tushino-2018"

A unique urban design project is rightly called the residential complex "City on the Tushino-2018", which will provide about 30 thousand people with a new living space in Moscow. What is attractive new building for future tenants, what are the terms of delivery of housing, what apartments are offered, how much do they cost? And do newcomers await unpleasant surprises?

LCD "City on the river Tushino-2018"


A unique place near the center of Moscow

LCD "City on the river Tushino-2018". Prices and planning, construction progress

The residential complex under construction is located in the Pokrovsko-Streshnevsky district of the capital near the Volokolamsk highway. The distance to the center is only 10 kilometers. With the beginning of the construction of new quarters, the construction of interchanges that guarantee excellent transport accessibility has started. Residents who do not have cars, just 5 minutes walk to the metro station "Tushinskaya".

The words "city on the river" in the name of the new building confirm three whole water arteries:

  1. Moskva River - at the southern border of the complex;
  2. Skhodnya - not far from the west;
  3. Khimka - on the east side.

The area is quite ecologically clean, with a large landscaped green area.Earlier on the site was building them. Chkalov, that today does not affect the ecology.

The developer is Spartak Stadium LLC, which has already built a magnificent arena in Tushino for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. According to the project, a lot of sports and recreation facilities will appear on the airfield area of ​​160 hectares, as well as office and entertainment centers, a hotel for guests of the world championship and more.

City in the city

LCD "City on the river Tushino-2018"

The LCD Tushino will become a real mini-city with the richest infrastructure in the early 20s of our century. Kindergartens and schools, pharmacies and a medical center, shops and shopping centers, banks and post offices, consumer services, an Orthodox church - all this awaits residents within walking distance or directly on the lower floors.

Those interested can go to the official website right now and look at the construction work with their own eyes. Live broadcast is conducted using twokamep.

Successful completion of construction is guaranteed by solid project partners, among which is the Lukoil oil company.

The management company of Tushino JSC and realtors have already announced the start of sales, offering to purchase one-, two- and three-room comfort-class apartments under a shared construction contract.

What kind of apartments, what kind of houses?

LCD "City on the river Tushino-2018"

In 2018, the second quarter of 10-19-storey buildings will be commissioned, located in the form of a square and forming a closed courtyard. Gardening and landscaping of the local area promise to be flawless. Underground two-level parking completely free yards from cars.

It is important for home buyers to know what the house is built from - in the "City on the Tushino River" monolithic-frame buildings, i.e., of reinforced concrete, with anodized aluminum and granite exterior. Ventilated facades guarantee sound insulation and a comfortable indoor microclimate.

Apartments are rented without finishing, area:

  • one-room - 39-41 square meters. m;
  • two-room - 61-73 square meters. m;
  • three-room - 93-100 square meters. m

At the request of the buyer, the room and the kitchen of "odnushki" are combined into a studio apartment.

How much is how to pay?

LCD "City on the river Tushino-2018"

Actual prices and plans are on the sites of realtors. Prices from the developer offer the official partners of the project:

  • real estate company BEST-Novostroy;
  • investment and real estate company Est-a-Tet.

You can buy a dwelling in different ways:

  • pay the entire amount;
  • take a mortgage from one of the partner banks;
  • take advantage of installments from the developer.

Table.Options installment payment provided by the developer when buying an apartment in the residential complex "City on the river Tushino-2018"

An initial fee Loan amount
Quarter 1
50% 3 months 0%
50% until August 31, 2017 0% *
Quarter 2
30% 12 months 14% on the balance
50% 18 months 12% on the balance
70% 12/18 months 10% on the balance
50% 3 months 0%
up to quarter 3 2018 0% *

* per dedicated pool of apartments

Important:In installments, the early payment of the due amount does not reduce the agreed interest.

Use when buying maternity capital - you can.

Possible inconvenience

LCD "City on the river Tushino-2018"

Opinions and reviews of residential real estate buyers about the LCD "City on the Tushino-2018" are mostly positive. Even restless fans during the World Cup are not intimidated by current and future Muscovites, because the Russian police are well aware of public order.

The objective minus of the residential complex - construction work at the site of the former airfield will continue for many more years. All this time during construction, new settlers will have to endure the types of construction that are not pleasing to the eye, hear noise, and experience other inconveniences.

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