LCD Khimki in 2018

In Moscow, the construction of new buildings does not stop. One of such projects was the Khimki residential complex, which is scheduled for delivery in 2018, and the developer is StroyConsult, which is part of the Samolet Development group of companies. Objectively, it is still difficult to judge a residential complex, since its construction is at the stage of a pit, but the company promises to implement a rather ambitious project and provide affordable housing for a large number of people.

RC “Khimki-2018”: project description

As part of the construction project of the residential complex Khimki, the developer plans to build more than 120 thousand square meters of comfort class housing. The complex will include:

  1. 13 residential buildings of variable number of floors, built on monolithic technology.
  2. Kindergarten for 120 places.
  3. School for 600 children.
  4. Ground parking and open parking for cars.

Part of the space on the first floors is planned to give for commercial establishments. They will have shops, pharmacies, beauty salons and other infrastructure, which will significantly increase the level of comfort of life of residents.Decorative brick will be used for the exterior decoration, which will allow houses to give a modern style and a bright image.

The territory of the complex will be landscaped. The developer will be equipped with children's and sports fields, footpaths and recreation areas. Green spaces will be planted in the space between the houses.

LCD Khimki

First of all, the company plans to build 3 residential buildings of 12, 16 and 17 floors. In total, at the first stage, it is planned to build almost 500 apartments. On each landing there will be 4-5 small apartments. They will have glazed balconies and French balconies. To complete the construction of the first phase of the residential complex "Khimki" the developer plans in the fourth quarter of 2018.

How to buy and how much does an apartment in the residential complex "Khimki-2018"?

Despite the fact that the construction of the complex has only recently begun, sales of apartments have already started. The cost of apartments starts from 54 thousand per square meter and depends largely on the area. Buyers have access to such offers from the developer:

  1. One-room apartments ranging from 32.6 to 37 square meters from 2,169,000 rubles.
  2. Apartments with two rooms, the area of ​​which varies from 48.2 to 69.4 "squares", from 2 904 000 rubles.
  3. Two-bedroom apartments ranging from 72.6 to 78.8 square meters, cost from 4,112,000 rubles.

Available on a choice of different layouts. The sale of housing is carried out in the framework of the Federal Law №214 on equity participation, which guarantees buyers the receipt of apartments. The construction of the residential complex "Khimki-2018" is engaged in the "Samolet" group of companies. The developer has a good reputation in the market. He has successfully implemented the LCD project “Lyubertsy”, which raised the company in the rating of the best developers of Russia by 11th place. The company complies with all construction terms, but when buying an apartment in Khimki it is important to consider that the owners will be transferred housing without finishing.

In addition to the fact that housing in the complex can be bought by paying for the purchase one-time, the developer offers other ways to purchase housing.

LCD Khimki


The developer offers profitable mortgage programs from large banks. “Samolet Development” Group of Companies cooperates with such financial institutions:

  • Sberbank;
  • Revival Bank;
  • Absolut Bank;
  • VTB 24;
  • Opening Bank.

Those wishing to use the mortgage, are offered the following conditions:

  1. Down payment from 0%.
  2. Annual interest rates of 10%.
  3. The possibility of using maternity capital as a down payment.
  4. Credit terms can reach 30 years.
  5. There is a possibility of early repayment of the loan without penalties and additional payments.

In addition, some banks make out a loan of all 2 documents. The official website of the developer states that mortgage experts will help you choose the best program and collect the documents for the application.

LCD Khimki in 2018

Installment plan

Also, the developer offers buyers buyers interest and interest-free installments. Among the proposals and installments using maternity capital. True, there is no detailed information on the conditions for granting installments on the official website. To learn more about the terms and conditions, you need to contact sales managers. Find phone numbers and office address can be found on the official website.

Location and accessibility

The residential complex "Khimki" will be located on a plot of 1.4 hectares in the micro-district Podrezkovo in the city of Khimki. The site is bordered by the neighborhood "Shodnya", Gornaya Street and residential buildings on Mira Street.

Despite the fact that the LCD is remote from the Moscow Ring Road just 11 kilometers away, access to it is quite difficult.Next to the complex (only 700 meters) there is the Leningradskoye highway, through which you can take the ring road. The problem is that the highway is characterized by a large flow of cars. At rush hour guaranteed traffic jams and the way to Moscow can take about an hour. You can get to the capital via an alternative route - along the M-11 highway, which is only 2.5 km away, but it is paid.

Those who do not have a car will be able to reach the capital by train. The journey from the station to Podrezkovo to the Leningradsky railway station takes about half an hour. You can walk to the railway station, it is 1.6 km away from the complex. It is possible that in the future transport accessibility will become more developed, since this area is under active development.

Construction LCD Khimki

Ecology and infrastructure

On the forums, people ambiguously refer to the residential complex "Khimki". And although the developer is a reliable company that delivers housing on time, the environmental situation of the complex is doubtful. On the south and north sides, the Podrezkovo microdistrict is surrounded by a forest. It is necessary to take into account the rather close location of “harmful” objects to the LCD:

  1. In total at a distance of one kilometer there is an asphalt concrete plant.
  2. At a distance of just over 1 km there is a chipboard plant.
  3. At 2 km from the complex is a crematorium.
  4. Sheremetyevo Airport is just 3.5 km away.

The infrastructure of the residential district Podrezkovo is still underdeveloped. Although the LCD project provides for the construction of not only living space, but the construction of social facilities, the allocation of space for commercial needs - shops, beauty salons, pharmacies, bank branches and so on.

Residents will have access to the infrastructure of Skhodnya and Novopodrezkovo microdistrict. A 10-minute walk from the kindergarten and school. Also just 2 km are shops, pharmacies, gym and clinic.

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