LCD Kupavna 2018

LCD "Kupavna 2018" - a house consisting of 5 sections, 17 floors high. The construction of the complex was started in 2014 and divided into three phases. The developer plans to put the first sections into operation in the second quarter of 2017, the company intends to complete construction at the end of 2019.

The developer is the company Akvatsenr. There is almost no information about the company, since previously it was not engaged in the construction of residential or non-residential real estate. Despite this, the developer is credible, since the construction of the house is carried out according to the schedule, and information on the progress of construction is displayed on the official LCD site.

Improvement of the area around LCD Kupavna

A little about the LCD "Kupavna 2018"

The residential complex will be located on a plot of 3 hectares in the town of Old Kupavna. The 5-section house will consist of 724 apartments of various sizes and layouts. Buyers have access to offers ranging from studios to three-room apartments with an area of ​​78 square meters.

The features of the complex include such moments:

  1. A multi-level surface parking will be built on the territory.
  2. The complex will include a built-in kindergarten, designed for 80 children.
  3. Most of the 3-hectare plot will be allotted for landscaping and landscaping. A park will be planted on the territory, benches will be set and recreation areas will be set up, as well as sports and children's playgrounds.
  4. Heating of apartments will be carried out from an autonomous gas boiler.
  5. Basement floors will be reserved for storage rooms for sports equipment and other dimensional things.

The foundation is a monolithic slab, but for the construction of the house used brick-monolithic technology. The company promises to install energy-saving windows and glazing loggias and balconies. Installation of modern passenger-and-freight elevators is planned at each entrance.

Construction LCD KUpavna

Location, accessibility and infrastructure

Construction is carried out almost in the center of the town of Old Kupavna of the Noginsk District. You can reach the complex by car on the Gorky Highway. It runs 2 km from the house, but the Moscow Ring Road is 25 km away.

Just 300 meters from the complex there is a bus stop. From it go buses and minibuses to the subway stations "Partizanskaya", "Novogireevo" and "Novokosino". Also in the city of Old Kupavna there are two railway stations.The road to the capital takes about 1.5 hours.

The residential complex of economy class will be located in an ecologically clean area. Within walking distance is the Square of Battle Glory, and at a distance of one kilometer - the Shalovka River and the Kupavinsky pond. The new building is located almost in the center of Old Kupavni, around a developed infrastructure. Near the house there are such social facilities:

  1. Three active kindergartens.
  2. Two schools.
  3. Sport school.
  4. Supermarkets ("Magnet", "Dixie", "Pyaterochka").
  5. Shopping centers (located in the neighborhood shopping center "Chocolate" and others).
  6. College.
  7. City hospital and clinic.
  8. Pharmacies, banks, shops.

New settlers of the complex will not be inconvenienced due to poorly developed infrastructure.

LCD Kupavna

Apartments: what options are offered and how much do they cost?

In the residential complex "Kupavna 2018" has already started selling apartments. Buying an apartment is carried out by signing the equity agreement. Buyers are offered such apartment options:

  1. Studios from 25 to 29 square meters.
  2. One-room apartments with an area from 30 to 40 squares.
  3. Compact "dvushki", an area of ​​39 squares, and more spacious apartments with two rooms, an area of ​​51 square meters.
  4. Apartments with three rooms with an area of ​​78 squares.

Planning of apartments SAM Kupavina

Layout of apartments in the residential complex Kupavino

The developer offers customers apartments with a fine finish and without it. Ceiling height reaches 2.8 meters, which is an advantage for an economy class complex. Find out the cost of finishing and all the conditions of the work can be on the official website or in the sales department.

The cost of apartments starts from 1.5 million rubles for studios and one-bedroom apartments. You can see the approximate prices in the complex in the table below. But keep in mind that the price per square meter is growing along with the approach of the terms of putting the house into operation.

LCD Kupavna

Type of apartment Area Price without finishing, million rubles Price with finishing, million rubles
Studio 25,7 − 29,7 1,49 – 1,61 1,77 – 2,0
One room 30,5 – 40,0 1,67 – 2,08 2,0 – 2,51
One bedroom 38,5 – 49,0 2,31 – 2,59 2,72 – 3,13
Three rooms 78 3,58 – 3,74 4,43 – 4,59

How to buy an apartment?

In the complex "Kupavna 2018" you can buy an apartment by signing the DDU. Buyers have access to various options for purchasing housing in the complex:

  1. 100% payment before signing the contract.
  2. Mortgage registration.
  3. The purchase of an apartment in installments on favorable terms.
  4. Military mortgage.

The residential complex is accredited by 4 large Russian banks - Sberbank, Absolut Bank, Delta Credit and BFA Bank.Buyers have access to various loan programs, including military mortgages and mortgages with government support.

Interest rates start at 11.5% per annum. The loan term can be up to 30 years, but the conditions of the mortgage depend on the chosen program and bank. The initial payment of 20%, the only exception is BFA Bank, which offers mortgage programs with a 10% down payment. To clarify the details of lending in the sales department, in consultation with a loan officer.

The official resource has information that Sberbank partners are given a discount on the storerooms, but the details of the action have not been announced.

LCD Kupavna

The developer also offers two types of interest-free installments:

  1. Standard installment. Issued for a period of 6 months. Initially, you must pay 50% of the value of the apartment. The remaining amount is divided into equal monthly payments.
  2. Individual installment. Available only until 03/20/2017, and is discussed with the developer individually. The first installment is half of the total cost of housing, the remaining amount is divided into equal parts. In the case of an individual installment plan, the buyer needs to confirm his solvency.

The residential complex "Kupavna 2018" is an economy-class housing with a well-developed social infrastructure and a normal environment. The main disadvantage of the available apartments is the remoteness from the capital (25 km from the Moscow Ring Road), although public transport can be reached from three metro stations in the capital.

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