LCD "Park Evropeisky" of Volgograd: description and reviews

Everyone knows the place of the Battle of Stalingrad,the city-hero of Stalingrad, is now renamed to Volgograd. It is located in the southern part of the state, on the bank of the wide Volga River. This is a very promising for developers of the city, as its population has crossed the boundary of one million people. Among the new buildings in Volgograd, "Park European" stands out favorably.

"Park European" Volgograd


The former outpost of the Volga route, nowVolgograd is a large city with a million population. Its convenient location (on the bank of the Volga River), a warm climate, a good ecological situation attracts many immigrants from the Far North, Siberia and the Far East into it. Residential Park European in Volgograd is pleased to offer buyers cozy apartments.

"Park European" of Volgograd

To date, the city remains veryfavorable environmental conditions, which is very important for those moving here to permanent residence from other regions. Mainly pollute the atmosphere only by road transport, since there are few industrial enterprises in Volgograd.

Description of the residential complex

"Park European" in Volgograd after completionwill represent almost a whole neighborhood, consisting of 22 residential buildings of different storeys (10 and 24 floors each). The residential complex, according to the builder's plan, is designed to combine comfortable housing with convenience of location and a high level of infrastructure development.

LCD "Park European" Volgograd

Traditionally, the first floors of residential buildings will be givenfor the placement of social infrastructure facilities. Owners of cars will enjoy underground parking. For the guests of the complex there are ground parking facilities.

What kind of housing does this apartment complex offer? In Volgograd? Apartments "Park European" under the project provides various: one-, two- and three-room. The area they also will be different. The smallest - 21 m2. The largest - 91 m2. The developer has provided for the delivery of apartments withfinal finishing, so that future owners do not have to spend additional money on repairs. But, as practice shows, new owners still change the interior.

"Park European" Volgograd reviews

As far as the yard area is concerned, it will beWell-maintained after the completion of the complex. Inside the blocks, asphalt roads are asphalted, and the paths and sidewalks will beautifully decorate. For recreation there are special zones with benches. Games for children and sports will be equipped with playgrounds and sports grounds.

Location of the complex

The complex is located on the border of the Kirov andSoviet areas of Volgograd. His specific address is: 64 Army Street, near the streets of Lyachin and Sanatornaya. This area is considered not only environmentally friendly, but also dynamically developing. There are the largest shopping centers, leading educational institutions, all objects of social infrastructure.

The Park Evropeisky Park in Volgograd is located inzone of excellent transport accessibility. From the center of the city on your own car along University Prospekt, smoothly passing into 64 Army Street, you can get directly to the residential complex. The journey will take no more than 15-20 minutes. A large number of fixed-route taxis also go to the complex.

Apartments in Volgograd "Park European"

Ecological situation

For the construction of his project in Volgograd -"European Park" - the developer chose the most favorable environment in terms of environmental conditions. The complex is located about 15 km from the city center. Near to it there are no industrial enterprises. On the contrary, it is surrounded by a green array of trees. And at a distance of about 1 km a wide Volga river flows, on the shore of which it is so good to rest on a hot day or to take a walk in the evening.

Infrastructure: internal and external

New construction of Volgograd - "Park European" - onproject is envisaged as a "city in the city". All necessary infrastructure for life will be located on the first non-residential floors of houses: shops, pharmacies, beauty salons, leisure centers. After a busy day's work, it's good to walk along specially equipped walking paths, sit on benches, watch children play on new children's and sports grounds.

The project does not provide for either school or children'sgarden. But this is not necessary, since such educational and educational institutions are present in large numbers in walking distance from the "European Park" in Volgograd. The children of the residents of the complex will be trained and engaged in sports. Also they will be able to visit the nearest swimming pool.

Close enough there are several largeshopping centers and hypermarkets. Graduates of schools can continue their education at the nearest educational institution of the next stage. Medical facilities, sanatoriums, cardiology and perinatal centers are also close enough.

Apartments: lay-out and cost

As already noted, "Park European" inVolgograd apartment is in a great variety. There are one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments. Also their area varies. Everyone and every family can find a suitable home according to their wishes and the size of the budget. There are very small apartments - only 21 m2. There are also large, with an area of ​​91 m2.

They are rented out by the developer with the performance of a finishingfinishing, that is, pasted wallpaper, installed plumbing, interior doors and flooring. This helps to save money for buyers, which, as a rule, are mainly invested in the purchase of real estate.

As for the cost of one square meterliving area, it is quite acceptable. It starts with about 26 thousand and ends at 50 thousand. Thus, for a one-room apartment will have to pay a little more than 1 million rubles. Two-room will cost a little more - about 1.5 million rubles.

Reviews about the complex

Reviews about the "European Park" in Volgograddivided into two unequal parts. In the first group, significantly larger than the second, negative reviews. They concern too prolonged the terms of construction, because of which many people were nervous, lost some of their payments, gathered rallies and forums of dissatisfied people. Many apartment buyers do not like the layout and the yardage. In their opinion, the apartments are very small and resemble "Khrushchev". Also, a lot of co-investors are dissatisfied with the repair carried out by the developer. Many people already make it according to their ideas and desires.

Residential "Park European" Volgograd

Positive reviews are mainly related tolocation of the residential complex: near the river Volga, far from the bustling city, industrial enterprises. People have a place to rest and swim in the hot summer. At the same time, you do not need to go anywhere, just walk a few meters. And the ecological situation plays an important role, especially for families with small children.

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