Ligeia - the 2018 film

  • World premiere: mid 2018
  • Premiere in Russia: mid 2018
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: Horror
  • Directors: Alexander Emmert
  • Cast: Fallon Marissa, Victoria Gates, Alexander Emmert

The horror genre will never cease to amaze with new stories from the best directors of the USA and Europe. At this time, the author of the picture, which has already entered the forefront of the rating of "The most anticipated films," was Alexander Emmert. It is noteworthy that this is his 6th film. It is worth noting that the 2018 film “Leaguea” became for him not only the director's work, but also the opportunity to hone his acting talent, because he played one of the main roles in it.

Liegeia poster

At this time, the public is waiting for not just a creepy, blood-chilling story about ghosts, but also a very touching love story (to be more precise, two whole love stories). Viewers will be able to go deep into the midst of feelings flashing at the main characters, and feel the brunt of the loss. But an unexpected turn of events will be completely different.

Critics reaction

Not having time to go out on the screens, the film “Leaguea” has already generated a lot of rumors and discussions. For example, one image of a girl with blue skin, present on the posters, was the reason for comparing the movie with “The Curse” - a series of films that told about ghosts. Their main feature was bluish color and black eyes. Many have suggested that “Leaguea” is a sequel to “Curse”.

Contrary to all rumors, it should be said that the film is neither a continuation nor a remake. This is the original work of the director, which does not resemble the plot of any previously released horror film.


This is the name of the girl in love with the main character of the film. Long courtship are replaced by an exciting joint pastime. Lovers try not to leave for a long time from each other, and constantly occupy themselves with something. Trips to nature, accompanied by a storm of joy and fun, as well as meetings with friends - all this alternates with attending various events and going to the cinema and theaters.

shot from the film Leaguea

It would seem that nothing can separate a couple in love. Especially when the main character - Ermand makes a beautiful offer.She agrees without hesitation, and the young people play the wedding. Following her, as befits, followed by a honeymoon. After returning from it, the couple lead a carefree lifestyle, not letting go of each other even a step. But suddenly Lygeia is shackled by a terrible disease. She stops walking and spends all the time in bed. Near her bed are always the best doctors and healers, but no one can say what happens to the girl's body. Her disease was not recorded in any medical directory, and the symptoms that occur in the beauty, previously in practice did not come across. The only thing that became obvious every day was the imminent end of her life.

In desperation, Ermand is at the bed of his beloved, and does not know how to help her. The day comes when she closes her eyes and stops breathing. Soon she is buried, and the young man goes into himself. He spends his evenings drinking in bars and occasionally makes dubious connections. It seems that Ermand is doomed to become a bitter drunkard, but Rowena is saving him. She appears suddenly, and pulls a young man out of an alcohol funnel.

Ermand is fascinated by the beauty and charm of a new acquaintance.Combined with gratitude, new feelings flare up in him, and he forgets about the recent loss. And since the funeral of Legei only a month has passed. Ermand does not tell Rowen about his former relationship, and all the time a couple spends together. Everything happens exactly as he had with his ex-wife. Ermand and Rowena endlessly having fun, making love and trying not to leave each other for a minute.

What a surprise the main character, when his new beloved begins to fall ill, and gradually falls into bed. Every day, they begin to overcome the same symptoms that were observed in Ligueia. Moreover - all the doctors, in one voice say that Rowena is ill with the same disease as the former wife of Ermand. Not a month goes by as the new lover dies.

shot from the film Leaguea

Ermand is beside himself with grief, but one circumstance doesn’t give him a hard time again - immediately after Rowena closes her eyes, some devilry begins to occur. His ex-wife, Ligeia, appears and pours wine from a golden cup into the mouth of a newly deceased Rovina. Everything around is mixed into one big picture and starts spinning in the eyes of a young man.When he comes to, he discovers his living ex-wife, Liguia, instead of the body of the deceased Rowena. It’s just not known what to do now - be happy and press the former to the chest, or jump up and run away from this house.


Famous Hollywood actors were invited to participate in the film “Leagueaia”:

  • Victoria Gates

She will play Rowen - the second wife of the protagonist.

  • Alexander Emmeret

In addition to directing the work of Alexander will play the role of the main character - Ermand.

  • Kristen luka

She falls the role of Liguia - the first wife of Ermand and the vengeful spirit she will become after her death.

shot from the film Leaguea

The story of the love triangle, which will be narrated in the film, will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of action-packed movies.

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