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Love can not suffer!



When I was younger, love was a real game for me.

Moreover, it must have been a tragedy!

To nerves burst, like strained ropes!

To live, literally, on aortic rupture! And the only way and nothing else!

And so that the one who is near participates on an equal footing in this dance of madness and atomic feelings, and does not even think of playing his role weakly and without a spark!


And to jealousy gushing in all directions, like water from a broken pipe! And quarrels, quarrels! And the eternal "suspensions." No specifics or stability.

- Get out! No, come back! -Goodbye! - No, stay! - Yet ... Get out!


And only circling in this dance of egoism, sadism and masochism gave my life rich colors and meaning.

Why live in peace when you can live like on a volcano! Tantrums by SMS, tears of hail, which repeat on the face pattern of a rain-drenched window! Suffering, like a dark heap of pieces of life inside!


“We are at loggerheads”, “we are at loggerheads” - the heart is beating and nothing in this reality is more important than these words.

And how is he? Is he suffering too? Let! With me it is impossible otherwise!

Or do you burn with me or live without me.


Eternal nervous tango of passion at the peak of an awakening volcano.

It's amazing how strong a human body is if it can withstand such overloads! Mine survived, the truth "cracked."


Do I regret the past?

That life was like a painting, painted in a fit of creative ecstasy by an eternally drunken artist, but it was inimitable.


And then, one day, it came to the realization that the other person who is next to you is the same as me.

He also suffers, if he is hurt and not only physically, he can also cry, standing by the window, or nervously smoking, struggling with tears. He is different, but he is the same. Soft, lively, warm, amazing ...


And suddenly I just wanted to take care of it.


Appreciate the fact that at this moment he is next to me!


He himself chose me and no one forced him to do this. He could eat paella in Spain and drink it with ice-cold sangria or wander through the museums of Florence, or perhaps swim in the warm ocean. And he is here, near, you can reach out and touch him. So simple and so important.


Apparently, only when maturity comes, you begin to understand the other side of things and to deal with other people's feelings, like a Chinese ancient vase.

Although sometimes maturity comes alone ...

True, there is a clarification: if in response another person wipes his feet about you or uses them as a working animal or just ignores your simple desire for human warmth, it is better to part peacefully. Do not slam the door so that then you have to take out the container of plaster and debris in a landfill, and, namely, to disperse kindly.

And when you find a “soul mate”, it’s better to think once more about what it (she) should say and in what tone.


Take care, you can not suffer!


Personally, I now put a comma in this sentence the only way!

And the suffering ...

Without them, it is so good and peaceful to live that you simply wonder how you could so long balance between light and darkness, and look for a way out on the wall on which it never was.

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