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From Monday? Happy New Year? Or from the next birthday?

It seems to us that it is a good idea to start changing your life from a specific point in time.. And yes, every time we honestly try - we learn how to plan, determine in advance (and, if possible, minimize) the risks, find the best ways to achieve our goals. We read, analyze, try. We really do a lot to finally succeed in this time - to become slim (or pumped up), quit smoking (or start running), expand our business (or do something else).

And then once - and everything goes wrong again. Again, something is not enough - willpower? necessary skills? courage? or understanding the magnitude of the problem?

And it would be ok if this wonderful algorithm worked - it didn't work out - made conclusions - tried again, but for some reason, not all of them can do this and not always.

Sometimes each successive failure all the more temptingly undermines your foundation, your confidence that you CAN and you are VALUE. At such moments, wildly annoying smiling top-speakers, invigorating motivators, and this fucking “just take and do” quote quoted by the lucky ones,who succeeded.

So what's the deal?What we have forgotten, that we did not take into account, and whether it is possible to make this repeating dull script finally be completed, and it became possible to move on to living other, more interesting, more attractive and more inspiring stories of your life?

Yes! It is possible in general and it is possible for us!

And in order to finally succeed, we do not need a magic pill. For a good and literate start, we need only absolute HONESTY with ourselves.

So. Make a list of your ineligible desires and FOR EVERY one of them ask yourself:

Why do I want this?

Why do I need to move here to this country? Why do I want to lose weight on so many pounds?

Why do I need such a husband? Why do I need just such a lot of money?

For what? What do you want to get in the end? What do you want to FEEL?

Sit down and record this dialogue with yourself, pen on paper. Be extremely frank, discard all common templates and hackneyed phrases from your head. Be honest, you deserve it! Write until you feel that this is it, this is the result that really worries you, before the goosebumps.

And now, when you clearly see the nature of your desires, when it became clear what kind of unfulfilled needs actually control your emotions and actions, now think:Is your intractable goal the most convenient, efficient and personally enjoyable way for you to achieve this desired and so important state for you?

No? What is?

Sit down and write, create, invent!

But only now, dreaming, planning and creating a strategy for the realization of your desires, AT EVERY STAGE CONFIRM WITH A COMPASS OF YOUR TRUE REQUIREMENTS. Do not stop, be honest, and you will succeed. And remember -only you decide what your life will be like.

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