"Manitou" presents new items.

The French manufacturer of construction equipment Manitou presented its new products: the forklift TMV 55, the rotary telescopic loader MRT 2150P and the telescopic machine TMT 55-4.

Currently, the TMV 55 loader is manufactured only for the North American market, but it may soon appear in Europe. A machine weighing 2567 kg is capable of lifting a weight of 2495 kg, and its maximum lifting height is 4 meters.

The situation with the telescopic vehicle "TMT 55-4" repeats the situation with "TMV 55", only the other way around. Currently, TMT 55-4 is produced only in France, but in the future should also appear on the North American market. Its carrying capacity is 2495 kg, with a lifting height of 3.4 meters and a one and a half meter front reach zone.

The rotary telescopic loader "MRT 2150P" is equipped with a diesel engine "Mercedes Tier III". He got a new larger cabin. The overview from it became much better thanks to the curved windshield and the new dashboard. Another addition is the ergonomic control knobs. All tanks with liquids carried out.The machine has a lifting capacity of 4536 kg with a lifting height of 20.6 m (front reach is 18 m) and is a full swing loader.

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