Maternity allowance in 2017

Future moms who are in the position, as well as girls who are planning to have a baby soon, often think about the material side of this issue. This is not surprising, because everyone wants to know how it will bematernity allowance in 2017. Given the rapidly growing inflation rates, I would like to believe that the government will take care of the vulnerable segments of the population and index the payments and benefits that the mother and child rely on.

The following benefits can be attributed to state maternity benefits:

  • Maternity or maternity benefits;
  • allowance for women who managed to register in the LCD before 12 weeks of pregnancy (this allowance is paid once);
  • allowance for women who are married to military personnel called up for military service.

Note that expectant mothers should not expect that the benefit prescribed by them, in the case when they are registered at the antenatal clinic before 12 weeks, will increase.In 2016, the amount of one-time assistance amounted to 543.67 rubles. But hope should not fade in the hearts of young girls, because the country's leadership can conduct a full indexation of this manual, based on the future inflation index.

Early Pregnancy Allowance

The above allowance can be received by women if they all fit underfollowing categories:

  • currently working;
  • resigned in connection with the liquidation of the company, the suspension of the activities of the IP;
  • currently studying full-time;
  • are military personnel or belong to similar categories (customs officers, USP, GPS, ATS).

lump sumFor housewives and temporarily unemployed persons, these payments when registering in the LCD at an early period are not considered.

If a woman has the status of IP, then she can hope that this payment will be paid to her in full if she has made regular contributions to the Social Insurance Fund throughout her work. In particular, it is necessary to submit a certificate confirming the existence of these contributions for the last calendar year that precedes the pregnancy. Note that in the new 2017, the list of persons eligible for benefits will not change.

Calculation of maternity benefits in 2017

The period of pregnancy and the time allotted for the care of the child is a significant cause of the woman’s disability and should be funded by the state.The benefit amount is calculated for the last 6 working months.going before the decree.

According to the letter of the law, this payment is granted to a woman if she has passed compulsory insurance in specialized bodies. The amount of the allowance is one-time, for all the time of maternity leave, namely 126 days. These days can be divided into the prenatal period, when the woman is in an “interesting” position, and the days that are set aside for the care of the newborn. If the birth proceeded with complications and there are supporting documents for this, then the postpartum period can be extended, respectively, and the amount of payments will be slightly higher.

Features allowance calculations

child care allowanceDuring the calculation of the amount of state subsidies, the last two calendar years that went before pregnancy are taken into account. For example, to determine the amount of state aid, the specialist will take data for 2015 and 2016. It should be noted that the annual income taken into account in the calculations should not be higher than the established limit, which is provided for in the base of insurance contributions of compulsory social insurance.

When counting the number of working days for a certain period, it is necessary to understand that weekends due to indisposition will affect the overall indicator - it will be lower. As for vacation days, weekends, as well as weekends on holidays, holidays are taken into account in the calculations.

During the determination of the average wage, pay attention to all payments that a woman received for the working period, including bonuses and allowances. All spent and not worked time is also taken into account in the calculations.

Do not forget that during the calculation of the amount of payments for pregnancy and childbirth, as well as in determining the amounts of hospital benefits, you should start from the rules prescribed by law. This means that if a woman did not go to work for a good reason, then such one-time payments are calculated according to the days worked in the reference period.

Registration benefits

To qualify for this allowance, a woman must collect the following documents:

  • the sick-list, where the exact period of pregnancy is indicated;
  • application for maternity leave;
  • certificate of income for the last six months.

childbirth allowanceIf the employer specified in the documents is not able to pay a woman a benefit, this obligation falls on the “shoulders” of the territorial representation of the insurance authorities.

In the case when an enterprise that pays maternity allowance has been liquidated, a dismissed woman has the right to count on subsidies from the state. To do this, it needs to register with the Employment Center (labor exchange).

At the moment, this is all the news concerning such necessary benefits for future moms. In 2017, various changes may occur, and they may also affect this manual. For our part, we promise to keep you abreast of events related to state maternity assistance.

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