Mauerlat for the roof

Mauerlat for the roofafter all, it is from him that the construction of the roof begins. It serves as a support for it, evenly distributes the construction weight on the walls of the building, ensures the stability of the roof. It is very important to make the correct calculationMauerlata. Its size depends on factors such as:

  • climatic conditions;
  • type of roof construction;
  • perimeter and area of ​​the building;
  • material for roof system and roofing.

One of the indicators to calculateMauerlata- view of the roof. There are the following types of roof construction: spherical, flat, folded, cruciform, steeple-shaped, hip, semi-oval, hip-top, classic (single-slope, 2-hskatnaya, 3-hskatnaya, 4-hskatnaya).


Mauerlat Roof: Calculation Formula

  • Measure the length and perimeter of the beam. Minimum sectionMauerlatashould be 100x100 millimeters.
  • Calculate the volume and weight of the timber from the tree: m (mass of the beam) = rV (density of the tree and the volume of the mauerlat).
  • V (volume of power plate) = SL (beam section, length or perimeter).

Mauerlat roof should be located from the outer edge of the wall at a distance of 5 centimeters.Often use antiseptic timber from hardwood with a cross section of 100x150 millimeters. Wooden bars are laid along the entire length of the walls. Around the perimeter, the distance between the bars should be the same.


Mauerlat for gable roof

Mounting platefor a gable roof is expensive. The process itself is very time consuming. But the result is worth it. The design will turn out reliable and durable. For a gable roof, you will need bars with a section of 15x15 or 10x10 millimeters. Minimum thicknessMauerlatashould be 10 centimeters, the minimum indent from the edge of the outer face of the wall - 6 centimeters. If a waterproofing material is used, observe the minimum distance between the layers. It should be from 40 centimeters. Another set of racks in the bed in increments of 3-5 meters.

Studs for mauerlat

Formounting a power platestuds are most often used, because the fastening process is quite easy and reliable than the fastening on the anchor. The depth of the stud should be 2 times the heightMauerlata. On brick masonry studs are laid undermauerlatto a depth of four bricks, on the armor belt - to the depth of the armored belt.The distance between the studs should be about one meter.

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