Metal engraving options

Art, in Russia and in the world, has more than one century, but it does not lose its popularity. On the contrary, new tools and equipment are emerging that allow engraving to be even more subtle and elegant. Let's talk about the possibilities of engraving in the modern world.

Where engraving is used

Engraving is capable of making any thing unique and inimitable. If you decorate any item with it - a souvenir, a statuette, a casket, jewelry, etc., you will get a great non-special gift. He will remind his new owner about the very day when the gift was handed, and about the person who brought this gift. In the modern world, engraving is getting the widest distribution:

  • Engraving on pendants, bracelets, or, for example, wedding rings is extremely popular.
  • With the help of engraving, you can make business souvenirs unique: charms, pens, flash drives and more.
  • Engraving is used in the design of interiors of offices, industrial premises, country houses and so on.With the help of it you can make inscriptions on the nameplates, signs, front advertising, etc.
  • Modding (design of the appearance of the computer) - another original direction of the use of engraving.

In addition to metal, glass, wood, or various grades of plastic can be used as the material to be engraved on. This greatly expands the possibilities of using the described material processing technology.

How to engrave

Engraving can be carried out using high-precision laser machines, shtihelya or engraver. A typical tool used in workshops is an engraver. It works from electricity and has nozzles in the form of various types of drills for applying inscriptions or drawings on different surfaces. The most durable diamond drills are considered, their shelf life is the longest. When hand engraving using an engraver, the drawing is applied to the surface through carbon paper or drawn with a pencil or marker. When the image is ready, colorless varnish or the thinnest layer of melted wax is applied on it. An alternative method of engraving - using laser machines.Modern high-tech equipment has a lot of possibilities that are not available when performing hand engraving. You can adjust the line thickness, depth, angle, etc.

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