Metal pipes: features of choice

Modern manufacturers make various types of pipes. They are made of copper, stainless steel and even cross-linked polyethylene. Metal-plastic pipes are in special demand. They are relatively inexpensive, but they have excellent technical qualities. It is the operational properties that made the products widely demanded in various industries.

The main advantages

Along with other pipes, metal-plastic are characterized by a whole list of advantages. They:

  • completely resistant to corrosion and internal deposits;
  • not susceptible to aggressive chemical environments and toxic substances;
  • possess the lowered internal hydraulic resistance that guarantees the increased capacity;
  • are environmentally friendly;
  • they are flexible, due to which you can create minimum bending radii;
  • characterized by good sound insulation and provide quiet transportation of the coolant;
  • wear-resistant and durable;
  • do not need special maintenance.

But even here there is one significant disadvantage - low frost resistance. Although this problem can be easily solved by insulating pipes during installation. Alternatively, a non-freeze can be used instead of water.

How to choose

Metal products vary in technical parameters. When choosing it is important to consider the diameter, wall thickness, mass and internal volume. The most popular pipe dimensions are 16, 20, 26, 32 and 40 mm. This is the outer diameter. Regarding the thickness of the walls, it is largely determined by the standards of the manufacturer. On average, indicators range from 2-3.5 mm.

Be sure to pay attention to the working pressure. The maximum values ​​depend on the temperature of the coolant flowing through the pipes. The higher it is, the lower should be the pressure. For example:

  • at a water temperature of about 20 degrees the maximum pressure is up to 25 atm;
  • if the coolant reaches +95, the pressure should not exceed 10 atm.

In the opposite case, stratification and rupture of the product may occur.

Regarding the temperature of the water, the pipe made of metal is designed for heating the coolant to 95 degrees. Periodic increase to 110-120 is acceptable.At such a temperature, insignificant deformation of individual sections of the pipe with the preservation of its integrity and main properties is possible.

In general, when choosing metal-plastic pipes, it is important to build on the conditions in which they will be used. For the implementation of the supply of hot and cold water will be useful some specifications. When installing radiator and floor heating systems, other parameters are needed. All this should be matched to the maximum to avoid unnecessary costs and to get really suitable pipes.

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