Military sanatorium of the Russian Defense Ministry in 2018

The military profession requires a huge psychological and physical stress. This leads to a rapid decrease in the functional capabilities of the body. For the restoration of health in our country work military sanatoriums of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation in 2018.


The state has always appreciated the ability of the military to fully deploy forces and their readiness for various non-standard situations to maintain the country's defense capability. Therefore, it is no coincidence that in our country, the military for their hard work have some advantages:

  • sufficient pension;
  • early retirement;
  • benefits in public transport;
  • resort service.

Military sanatorium of the Russian Defense Ministry in 2018

The material base for the treatment of military personnel

Resort and sanatorium provision for current and former military personnel is regulated by many legislative acts. For example, document No76 of May 27, 1998, tells us who has the status of a soldier. Law No5 of 12 January 1995 explains who should be considered a military veteran.Given the difficult situation of the economy, some laws governing sanatorium support for military personnel may change. About this, not hiding, say officials MO.

Now in our country there are over fifty military resort and sanatorium organizations, both for current military personnel and for military retirees. Thirty seven institutions of the sanatorium type, eight rest houses and seven tourist centers are now subordinate to the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation. Health organizations are located throughout Russia. They treat:

  • musculoskeletal system;
  • respiratory system;
  • nervous system.

Resorts are categorized according to therapeutic factors:

  • Climate institutions produce treatment due to the climate within which they are located.
  • Balneological organizations are treated mainly with mineral water.
  • Mud sanatoriums base their treatment on therapeutic mud.
  • Organizations of mixed type combine the various types of treatment listed above.

Recreation facilities include: jogging on skis, rafting on mountain rivers, trips by bicycle, crossings on foot, etc.

Sanatorium organizations for military retirees

Moscow region:

  • “Solnechnogorsky;
  • “Arkhangelsk”;
  • "Marfinsky";
  • Slobidka;
  • "Zvenigorod".

Anapa region:

  • Divnomorskoe;
  • Golden shore";
  • "Paratrooper".

Sochi region:

  • "Amber";
  • "Chemitokvadzhe";
  • "Sochi";
  • "Aurora".

North Caucasus region:

  • Central Children's Sanatorium;
  • "Essentuksky";
  • Pyatigorsky;
  • Pyatigorsky;
  • "Kislovodsk".

Western region:

  • "Svetlogorsk";
  • Tarkhovsky;
  • "Priozersky".

Privolzhsky district:

  • Volga;
  • Yeltsovka;
  • "Chebarkulsky".

Far Eastern region:

  • "Paratunka";
  • Molokovsky;
  • "Ocean";
  • "Darasunsky";
  • "Kuldur";
  • Khabarovsk;
  • "Shmakovsky".

Military sanatorium of the Russian Defense Ministry in 2018. Availability, prices

Crimea military resorts

On the peninsula there are six military sanatoriums. The resort factor of health resorts located on the South Coast of the Crimea is the unique Crimean climate. Sanatoriums of the eastern part are famous for their healing sand and mineral water. Military hospital them. N. Pirogov became famous thanks to the famous peloid of the Saksky field. Prices for treatment in these institutions are based on the benefits of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Military medical institutions of sanatorium type Prices for 21 days
"Sevastopol" from 31962 rub.
"Yalta" from 41600 rub.
"Zander" from 36750 rub.
"Theodosia military sanatorium" from 39900 rub.
"Crimea" from 39726 rub.
"Saki sanatorium them. N. Pirogov " from 22200 rubles.
“Evpatoria sanatorium for children to them. E. Glinka " from 25515 rub.

Availability of places for a certain period can be found on the official websites of these institutions.

Free trips

According to the legislative act of the Russian Federation No178 07/17/99, the right to free vouchers are:

  1. pensioners who served in law enforcement agencies;
  2. Afghans and the families of those who died in the Afghan events of 1979-89;
  3. blockade of Leningrad;
  4. invalids of the Great Patriotic War and their families;
  5. families, citizens who died in the Second World War;
  6. veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

The procedure for obtaining vouchers

If you are a military retiree, then to get a sanatorium voucher you will need:

  1. Collect the necessary documents: passport, pension certificate, military ID.
  2. In case you are going to have a rest with your family, make sure that all family members are entered into the “special marks” of the pension certificate.
  3. It is also necessary to obtain a certificate form No070 / U-04 on the need for rehabilitation or treatment in a sanatorium. This document is obtained from the local physician.
  4. To obtain a voucher, you also need a personal account (SNILS).
  5. If you are disabled, you will need an expert opinion from the medical board.
  6. For all family members it is necessary to prepare the relevant medical certificates.
  7. It will also be necessary to confirm the relationship of all your companions. On the hands you need to have a certificate of marriage and the birth of a child.
  8. To get a voucher, you should contact the regional department of the Moscow region, engaged in sanatorium provision, where you should write a statement about the desire to undergo sanatorium treatment for the whole family.

The Department of Defense, after reviewing your application, must issue you an order for issuing a voucher. The right to receive treatment is already registered directly at the sanatorium. The address of the Department of Defense, engaged in sanatoriums, can be found in its military unit or on the website of the Ministry of Defense.

How to compensate for travel

Reimbursement of travel expenses can be carried out immediately. Military retirement tickets are issued, allowing free access to the place of treatment.

Reimbursement of the ticket price can be made after a stay in the sanatorium. To do this, you must provide all the tickets that were required for arrival at the sanatorium. It should be remembered that only tickets that meet the following requirements will be paid:

  • buses must be of a general type or with reclining easy chairs;
  • Compensation is subject to travel documents in the reserved car;
  • air tickets can only be economy class;
  • if river vessels were used to arrive at the place of treatment, then travel documents in the third-class cabin are taken into account. If these were ships of the sea type, then tickets to the cabins of the fourth and fifth groups are compensated.

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