Modular Origami with Pig for New 2019

Volumetric 3D figures - the original way to decorate the house for the holiday. For example, to make a thematic modular origami - a small pig-symbol of the new 2019. The technique of creating bulk crafts came up in China. It actually does not differ from the classical origami, when an unusual figure is folded from one sheet of paper. Modular crafts are collected from several tens to hundreds of such paper objects. They are carefully invested one into another according to the scheme, forming a figure. What is needed for the manufacture of 3D pigs? How to build a modular figure?

Family making origami

What you need for modular origami

To make the assembly process fun, you need to properly prepare for it. You will need:

  • Paper. In principle, any color and white paper will do. But it is better to choose office. It is dense, which will provide the volume of the figure, and not glossy. The modules will firmly interlock with each other and will not slide off. After all, the origami technique does not imply the use ofany connecting elements;
  • Stickers colored for entries. You can buy special Kami paper for origami assembly.
  • Scissors and stationery knife.
  • Ruler and protractor.
  • Pencils and compasses.
  • Paints. If there is no colored paper on hand, the pig can be made in white color and then neatly decorated.

In the manufacture of large objects is recommended to use ordinary paper glue. This recommendation should be noted if large-scale modules are used when doing origami with your own hands. Each individual product is not necessary to glue. For strength, it is enough to apply a small amount of adhesive to 5-10 parts in a row.

How to make modules

The body, head, ears, tail and legs are made of triangular-shaped parts. They should be 200-250 pcs. A muzzle with a patch are drawn separately. The size of the triangular part is chosen independently, the main thing is that the aspect ratio of the blank from which it will be made is approximately 1: 1.5. Convenient to use:

  • Square sticker. Carefully folded in half and cut. Received 2 blanks.
  • A4 sheet.It needs to be drawn in width into 4 equal parts and in length into 4 equal parts. According to the obtained lines cut the sheet into rectangles. It turned out blanks for modules of size 53 × 74 mm. If the width of 4 is drawn in 4 equal parts, and in length in 8 equal parts, we get a smaller billet - 37 × 53 mm. Each received workpiece must be folded, following the scheme shown in the photo below.

Step by step MK origami pig modules

Bending lines need to be pushed hard, otherwise the triangle will unfold. If the sheet is very dense, the details are placed under the press (books) for 1.5-2 hours. Each envelope, folded in a pattern, has two short and one long sides, as well as two tails and a pocket. They serve to connect the parts of crafts. The principle is the following - tails are placed in pockets.

Once all the envelopes are folded, you can start collecting origami Pigs with your own hands - a symbol of 2019 to decorate the house. Fastening parts together perform various ways. Before starting the assembly, it makes sense to try the options.

Pig origami assembly workshop

Having understood the principle of stringing modular triangles, you can begin to collect Gilt.But before you start the assembly, you need to remember one important rule. You need to assemble the modules without turning over the object, which is obtained by expanding the modules. Whatever origami is executed, the rule will be valid for everyone.

For the first row will need 20 pieces of modules. In this case, the short side of the triangle in the first row should look down. After stringing 20 parts, the ends of the row need to close. The resulting ring lies on the table, drawing on the short lines of the modules. The second row is also built up with the help of 20 modules, only now the long side of the triangles should look down.

Step by step MK origami pig modules

The third and fourth row is built on by analogy with the second - 20 parts long side down. The next stage is a superstructure of 5-6 identical rows. You can run more lines. Then the body of the pig will be elongated. If the squares are made of very thick paper, then it is worth making at least 16 main rows (including the first four). The origami pig is built according to the 3 and 4 rows principle. Now the squares need to fit tightly, otherwise the symbol of 2019 will be flimsy and unstable. Increasing each next row, check the density of landing parts.If the figure turns out to be fragile and literally crumbles in the hands, you need to use glue. Recall that there is no need to glue all modules. It is enough to fix the figure in 3-4 places.

Step by step MK origami pig modules

The resulting "sun" gently turned over to the other side and gently push. To prevent the module from disintegrating, the procedure is performed from the center. Having squeezed out the middle, we get a volumetric semi-oval shape with sharp corners. They need to be corrected so that the height is the same. Further the squeezed figure will be increased.

Step by step MK origami pig modules

The last 7 (in the case of the described example) the series is performed with a decrease in the number of squares. Need to strung 16 modules. If the narrowing of the oval turned out to be insignificant, you can increase the 8 row with 12 modules. The assembly technology is observed if the oval has received an almost complete form. The body of a pig is ready.

Step by step MK origami pig modules

It was the turn of the legs. They can be done in two ways. The easiest is to place modules in the trunk so that their free angles look in opposite directions. Here it is worth considering that the arrangement of parts is very important, otherwise the figure will not stand. The second method requires assembly. The first row of two parts connects one module.Then the tails of the first and second row are placed in two modules - left in one, and right in the second. The next row is increased by one module that connects the two central tails. Repeat the principle of extension. In the end, you should get a triangular hoof, based on 4 tails of two parts. One leg is ready. We need four. In order for the 2019 symbol to be put on the table, modular origami Pigs must be sustainable. Therefore, the legs tightly stuck on the torso. If necessary, you can use glue.

Step by step MK origami pig modules

It remains to make a muzzle. It will have to be cut out of paper and painted with pencils. It will take an oval of such size to block the hole in the oval-body. In order for the piglet to adhere well to the body, it is better to apply glue to the sharp parts of the modules and not to the surface of the paper.

The last stage is the installation of ears. They can be made from ordinary paper and simply glued to the body. And you can use modules. To do this, you need to give it the desired shape with your hands. Act as follows:

  • squeeze both tails with your fingers;
  • press with your finger on the free upper part of the part so that it is rounded;
  • Pen or pencil to expand both tails from the inside.You do not need to strongly press the pencil, you can tear the part;
  • press down the top again with your finger.

The resulting ear should be connected with two tails with one module on the body. Now you need to make a tail. The material can be a blank for the module. A sheet of paper is folded diagonally into a tube, and then twisted several times. The shape of the tail can be given any - twist, bend. After the item must be dipped in glue, and attached to the body.

Step by step MK origami pig modules


Variants of New Year's Pigs

Crafts do not have to be monophonic. For its implementation take paper blanks of different colors. It is appropriate to make the hooves black. In the body, you can insert several white, black or gray parts. Then the pig will be spotted. Not necessarily adhere to and appearance. Modular origami is good because you can give free rein to fantasy. The main thing is to stick to the technique when assembling.

Here is another master-class on assembling an unusual New Year pig, which is assembled from 280 pink and 50 black blocks. The support row and the next two behind him stack of 20 (in each row) pink parts. As in the first example, the first row is executed in a line and assembled in a circle by the 20 module.Building up the following tiers is already performed on a convex circle. Next, follow the scheme:

  • black detail followed by 10 pink, again black block followed by 8 pink - 4 row;
  • 2 black details behind them 9 pink, again 2 black, and then 7 pink ones - 5th row;
  • 3 black blocks then 8 pink, again 3 black blocks followed by 6 pink - 6 row;
  • 4 black details then 7 pink, again 4 black behind them 5 pink - 7 row.

The placement of the black blocks is performed starting from their position in the 4th row. The principle is simple - pink over pink blocks, black over black modules.

Step by step MK origami pig modules

The eighth closing row consists of 20 pink details. That's just they put on the large side of the module inside the thicket, that is, the short side "looks" out. This visual transition will symbolize the neck. It carries out the assembly of the head with ears. The head is formed only of pink blocks in 8 rows. They are put on the short side of the module outwards. Each row includes 20 parts.

It remains to make ears. Let's count 4 modules and, starting from 5, we put 6 blocks on the head. From the last 6 modules we count another 4 parts and on 5 we put on the next 6 blocks only in black.On the accrued six items put on the next 5 turned upside down, then 4,3,2 and 1. Ears are ready. It remains to cut out the paper eyes and a penny.

Step by step MK origami pig modules

The tail can be made of paper. Choose the materials at hand. Like a muzzle, ears. But it is worth remembering that the classic modular 3D origami are made only from paper. New Year's pigs are ready.

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